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---full view please---

characters- Good God and ???
from- The God Machine
media- Photoshop

It's been a long time where a song just grabs me, makes me stop everything, and forces me to draw in inspiration (song listed at bottom). Then the image captures me, compelling me to finish it. Even through pain in my ligaments, tears being held back, nothing means anything, as I am it's slave. THAT'S THIS IMAGE. 

I have a huge work load i'm about to go into, so it was nice to have this for myself. To have this beautiful moment. Share another 3rd "personal" image with all of you in a roll. (See, i'm not dead!)

Good God is at the mercy of something consuming her. Something pinning her down. In her world of control there are elements threatening it...consuming her.

Song: Mr. Kitty - After Dark
[Thank you, Monoworld for introducing this song to me this morning.]

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this is so beautiful!
I did a search for H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", and I'm getting spider results.  Someone's screwing with my net activity.
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Really, really cool...
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You're welcome! Love your style
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Your work never ceases to be evocative. This image feels so personal and I swear that each sketchy line speaks to some frantic urge that moved you. That must be a direct result of your enslavement. I listened to the song (thank you for the link and the new artist to follow!) while looking at this image and the world swirled around me. 

Like so much of your work, this strikes a deep chord somewhere inside of me. It makes me FEEL. It takes me to another world. And that is not something I experience much anymore. Thank you. Truly.
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Hi. You have been Featured here:
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Wow, this is really powerful... I love it :clap:
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I love the flow of her hair and the matching red of her blood. Fascinating piece.
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Thank you. :D Actually used the same red for both to create that "unity."
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You're welcome :hug:
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It looks interesting
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I guess that's good?
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Its beautiful. Really.
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