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Fire (Defender, Avenger, Privateer)
Water (Nurturer, Compromiser, Stoic)
Air (Wanderer, Prankster, Adventurer)
Earth (Moderate, Guide, Naturalist)
Ice (Cynic, Scientist, Shyer)
Metal (Builder, Warrior, Sentinel)
Thunder (Judge, Demagogue, Inciter)
Plant (Druid, Cultivator, Hermit)
Light (Peacekeeper, Crusader, Luminary)
Shadow (Informant, Coward, Vizier)
Time (Scribe, Nostalgic, Profiteer)
Space (Cartographer, Observer, Guardian)
Absence (Remaker, Psychotic, Daemoniac)

General: Fire magic manifests most often in people with a capacity for strong emotions. Said emotions are often displayed as they are felt; Fire persons have no "poker face" and can't hide their true feelings. That said, though they feel and display emotions powerfully, such displays are often short lived and will soon reach more reasonable levels. Fire people are passionate and driven, often uncompromising when their mind is firmly set on a goal. They are confident and believe in their own ability to personally have an impact on a situation. Fire is an offensive element and Fire persons believe in taking the fight to their opponents. That said, defensive Fire tactics are not unheard of, should the need arise.

Defender: A Fire individual that cares deeply about a person, group of persons, organization, city, etc., might potentially take on a Defender personality-type. A Defender is willing to sacrifice everything, even themselves, to ensure the safety of the object of their passion.

Avenger: A Fire individual that holds a strong hatred for a person, group of persons, organization, etc., might potentially take on an Avenger personality-type. Destroying the object of their ire is their primary motivation in life, and they will go to extremes in order to achieve their goal. A Defender that has lost what he/she once loved will likely become an Avenger and seek out the guilty party to see justice done.

Privateer: A Fire individual with no strong personal attachments will often take on the Privateer personality-type. Whatever their goals, Privateers seek to achieve them through a direct application of force or intimidation, more often than not. Privateers are the least likely of the Fire personalities to have qualms about their actions, though this might not necessarily be the case in every circumstance. A Fire individual with a strong passion for an ideal or belief system might take on a Privateer persona in place of a Defender in an effort to assist said ideal in some manner, be it through acquiring funds or other means.

General: Water magic manifests most often in people with a calmer, "go-with-the-flow" disposition. Water personalities are more likely to act as mediators, accept compromises, and make decisions without allowing biases to interfere with their decisions than most others are. That said, Water personalities are no pushovers, and when push comes to shove they will lash out swiftly, violently, and with intent to end the problem for good. Water personalities have a very clear sense of ownership, property, and commitment. Breaking a vow to a Water person is often an unforgivable offense. Water is an extremely versatile element, capable of being used offensively, defensively, and for healing.

Nurturer: A Water individual with a high degree of kindness or compassion may take on the Nurturer personality-type. Motherly or fatherly, Nurturers care deeply about the physical and mental well-being of those within their charge. Will not hesitate to give an individual "what they need" over "what they want." In combat, most often a healer or support class.

Compromiser: A Water individual concerned with keeping the peace and mediating conflicts will more often than not take on the Compromiser personality-type. Compromisers are concerned with avoiding conflict, solving problems, and seeing that all parties get what is just and correct from the arrangement. Once an agreement has been reached the Compromiser will expect it to be honored. If it is not, expect to hear from him/her. He/she will not be pleased and you may have made a permanent enemy.

Stoic: A Water individual with more of an emphasis on their sense of property and ownership than on "go-with-the-flow" will often be of the Stoic personality-type. Stoics are more stubborn than standard Water types and less likely to behave kindly or compromise. Highly honorable, they live their lives by their words; what they say they'll do, is what they'll do.

General: Air magic manifests most often in people with flighty, fun-loving personalities. Air people have great difficulty "putting down roots," even for the sake of people they love. An Air person who has spent a long time in one place may become restless and yearn for the opportunity to travel and see the world. Almost all Air personalities have a sense of humor and are very forward about their feelings and emotions. Air people have trouble maintaining focus and interest on a single topic. They often multitask and get bored quickly unless the subject interests them greatly. It is difficult to anger an Air person, as they take few slights to heart. Air is a defensive element, though it is still privy to strong offensive attacks.

Wanderer: An Air individual with a desire to see the world and experience its wonders will often take on the Wanderer personality-type. Wanderers are far more concerned with the journey than the destination, and often their won't be a final destination. Wanderers have the hardest time of the Air personalities putting down roots or growing attached to people or places.

Prankster: An Air individual that is of a more mischievous bent will often be of the Prankster personality-type. Pranksters are more selfish than most Air people, most of whom are fairly self-centered to begin with. Pranksters have a hard time identifying with people, yet are the most likely of the air types to become more interested in places and people than wandering.

Adventurer: An Air individual with a desire for notoriety, fame, or thrills will often take on the Adventurer personality-type. Adventurers are self-centered in a round-about manner, expressing their self-love by assisting others or doing deeds or feats and expecting praise for it. More concerned with the final destination than Wanderers or Pranksters are and thus are more likely to plan ahead.

General: Earth magic is most likely to manifest in more passive individuals. Earth personas are passive towards many issues, occasionally to the point of apathy. Earth people often do not wish to be troubled with the problems of others because the Earth person is more concerned with their own problems. Earth individuals are stubborn and stuck in their ways. It is not easy to change an Earth persons mind, just as it isn't easy to convince him/her that he/she is wrong or that he/she should care about a particular issue. Earth people are largely content to let the troubles of the world pass them by and aren't concerned with the "big picture." Earth is a defensive element, with a number of counters. The best offense is a good defense.

Moderate: An Earth individual that displays apathy towards a large number of subjects could potentially be of the Moderate personality-type. A Moderate isn't concerned with the details of an issue or the arguments of the two sides, often simply believing that "they should meet half-way." Naturally, the Earth individual isn't really concerned whether or not the parties do and most likely won't help with the procedure either. Moderates are primarily concerned with their own problems.

Guide: An Earth individual that feels at peace with himself/herself and takes interest in a person, group, etc., might take on the Guide personality-type. Guides try to assist the people they're interested in to the best of their ability, but are still largely unconcerned with the big picture compared with their objects of interest.

Naturalist: An Earth individual that is at peace and yet remains apathetic is probably of the Naturalist personality-type. Naturalists do what needs to be done to live and don't care much about anything at all. They enjoy the "simple pleasures" most.

General: Ice magic most often manifests in individuals that are fearful or wary of their emotions and their humanity. Ice personalities very rarely express their true feelings, instead opting to hide behind a facade of impartiality or logic. Ice people can be considered cold-hearted due to their seeming lack of emotion, but this is a misconception; an Ice individual will likely have very strong convictions and feelings hidden beneath their "shell." When provoked sufficiently, they can explode violently, in similar fashion to Fire personalities. Ice individuals are wary and even fearful of change, as with change comes destruction. Most Ice personas are notably pessimistic. Ice is primarily a defensive element, though offensive tactics are known to be used when called for.

Cynic: An Ice individual whose chosen mask consists of snark and sarcasm can most likely be categorized as the Cynic personality-type. Cynics, unlike other Ice personalities, don't necessarily wish to have an appearance of neutrality and do choose sides on an issue publicly. Despite their willingness to choose a side, Cynics are still pessimistic and will likely "joke" about failure, often in a very Gallows Humor sense. Cynics, despite this pessimism, are not likely to go against (in the sense of betray) their comrades for any reason. They are very suspicious of people in power. And people out of power. In fact, they're just suspicious of everybody.

Scientist: An Ice individual who hides behind a veil of impartiality and clinical study is likely of the Scientist personality-type. Scientists are obsessed with "knowing" and have a hard time accepting the limitations of study and experimentation. Scientists are perhaps the "coldest" of the Ice personas as they opt to forego human contact entirely in favor of work, study, etc. Scientists' fear of their own emotions have made them decide to attempt to ignore them completely, rather than just hiding or repressing them.

Shyer: An Ice individual who hides their feelings through silence and fears other people is likely of the Shyer personality-type. Shyers, like the other Ice personalities have difficulty expressing themselves do to their own apprehension towards their feelings. Most Shyer's, however, would like to express themselves, but find themselves unable to do so, often for fear of others' reactions to their thoughts. Shyers tend to be extremely silent, rarely speaking within the presence of all but the closest of friends and family.

General: Metal magic most often manifests in individuals that with great willpower and a desire to "better" the world. Metal persons are extremely stubborn and do not believe in compromise. They believe in very clear definitions of right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, and winner and loser. They are extremely confident, though in a more stoic and less outspoken manner. Metal personas are rarely leaders, though they often serve as second-in-command or serve as the backbone of an organization or group. It is difficult to convince a Metal personality to change his/her mind, but once his/her mind has changed, expect him/her to jump to the opposite extreme of the argument; Metal persons do not believe in finding middle ground. They believe in the steady march of improvement and the betterment of mankind. Metal is a very balanced element, equally useful for offense and defense.

Builder: A Metal individual with a desire to improve people's lives is likely of the Builder personality-type. Builders are "can-do" types with an almost bottomless well of determination. They believe in their own power to change the world for the better and will strive endlessly to make their visions come to fruition.

Warrior: A Metal individual who desires to rid the world of those who would deny others the progress of civilization is almost certainly of the Warrior personality-type. Warriors are judgmental and will likely view you as an enemy before they ever count you among their friends. Warriors believe in confronting problems directly and before they can become too serious a threat.

Sentinel: A Metal individual whose desire is to safeguard civilization from those who would seek to tear it down is probably a member of the Sentinel personality-type. Sentinels believe that the world is progressing, but that there are those that would prefer it didn't. Sentinels consider themselves safeguards against corruption and dissidence, both from without and within.

General: Thunder magic most often manifests in individuals that possess an abundance of confidence and a strong desire to lead. Thunder personalities are arrogant, prideful, self-centered, and boastful loud-mouths. They prefer to face problems head on with a direct show of force and intimidation. They perceive themselves to be naturally born leaders-of-men that should be followed for the good of the people. They can tend towards hypocrisy. Thunder personas are very likely to be dissatisfied with any given system and can frequently be found rebelling against something or other; typical rabble-rousers. Thunder is a purely offensive element with almost no defensive techniques.

Judge: A Thunder individual with a desire to define or redefine the concept and reach of "Law" is likely a Judge personality-type. Judge personalities are the least likely of the Thunder personas to be at odds with the system of government in control. They do, however, still want to be in charge. Judges like to portray an air of authority, whether or not they actually possess any, as well as a pretense of impartial mediation, which they may or may not actually attempt to live up to.

Demagogue: A Thunder individual with a desire to lead the population through speech and rabble-rousing tactics is probably of the Demagogue personality-type. Demagogues are fond of making impassioned speeches as a form of public appeal and are very comfortable within the realm of politics. However, Demagogues tend to lose touch with the "common folk" once they've achieved positions of power. At this point, that case may be that their motives more than likely are for their own benefit, rather than the common good.

Inciter: A Thunder individual with a penchant for being more "hands-on" with his/her rebellions will be of the Inciter personality-type. The Inciter personality is more along the lines of a general or a field commander than a politician or other authority figure. Unlike the Judge or the Demagogue who will try to inflame the public into action through speeches and other forms of less direct intervention, Inciters are more than perfectly willing to throw the first punch on their own and lead the revolution from the streets.

General: Plant magic most often manifests in individuals that have difficulty recognizing and expressing their emotions. As a result of this, Plant individuals may behave in an "emotionless" manner or have responses that seem inappropriate or awkward in context with the given stimulus. Plant personalities are, in general, slightly off-putting and out of the mainstream. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are frightening or even unkind, only that they have a tendency to be confusing and make people nervous, owing partly to the fact that it's difficult to know what they're thinking. Plant is a primarily defensive element, with some interesting offensive techniques and healing capability.

Druid: A Plant individual with a respect for both the natural world and the civilized world is probably a Druid personality-type. Druids favor the concepts of balance and give-and-take in terms of civilization and nature. If either nature or civilization were to overreach and become harmful to the other side, a Druid personality would inevitably support the underdog in the conflict. Druids tend to appear less emotional than other Plant personality-types.

Cultivator: A Plant individual that would utilize the natural world for the betterment of the civilized world is of the Cultivator personality-type. Cultivators identify well with people, but, like other Plant personalities, still appear somewhat off-kilter. In general, Cultivators are more kindly and emote positively towards many things. It takes a great deal to shake them significantly enough to make them truly unhappy.

Hermit: A Plant individual that dislikes civilization and would forsake it in favor of the natural world could likely be counted as a Hermit personality-type. Hermits do not identify well with people and may actively dislike them. They tend not to work well with others due to a naturally surly disposition. Hermits tend to react negatively toward many situations. They do not give their trust easily and, unfortunately, it is easy to break that trust, once given.

General: Light magic most often manifests in individuals that possess strong wills and a powerful sense of right and wrong. Light individuals may or may not have a strong sense of self-worth. If so, they might try to be humble about themselves (either out of politeness or some sense of propriety), or they may express it in a particularly abrasive form of self-righteousness. Light personalities that do not have a sense of self-confidence or self-worth will likely feign one or shrink into themselves and become a self-loathing mess. The key aspect of Light personalities though is there strong, mostly unalterable convictions. Most Light personalities value honor above reason. They are rarely forgiving to those that upset them. Light magic is a powerful offensive magic with many devastating attacks.

Peacekeeper: Light individuals that abhor violent conflict and view it as a primary source of the world's evils are of the Peacekeeper personality type.

Crusader: Light individuals that desire to seek out "evil" where it hides and combat it are of the Crusader personality type.

Luminary: Light individuals with a desire to spread their wisdom to the masses are of the Luminary personality type.

General: Shadow magic most often manifests in individuals that are fearful and suspicious by nature. Shadow personalities are more accepting of the notion of shades of gray, and believe that the right thing in a given situation is not necessarily always going to be the right thing. Shadow is a purely defensive class, with little to no offensive capabilities.

Informant: Basically a spy.

Coward: Afraid of direct confrontation.

Vizier: Rules from the shadows.

General: Time magic most often manifests in individuals concerned with completeness of knowledge or omnipotence. Infinitely fascinated with the minutiae of the universe, they have a tendency to view everything as being very important. A very rare element, so little else is known of the prerequisites. Time is an unusual element for combat, though it has an equal number of attack and defense techniques.

Scribe: A Time individual obsessed with knowing everything and documenting it.

Nostalgic: A Time individual with a strong yearning for better days.

Profiteer: A Time individual that is selfish and uses their powers for personal gain.

General: Space magic most often manifests in individuals concerned with completeness of awareness or omnipresence. Focused more on the big picture, and as such they have a tendency to overlook the little details. A very rare element, so little else is known of the prerequisites. Space is an unusual element for combat, though it has an equal number of attack and defense techniques.

Cartographer: Space individuals concerned with compiling knowledge are Cartographer personalities.

Observer: Space individuals interested in the progress of events worldwide, but unwilling or uninterested in changing those events are Observer personality types.

Guardian: Space individuals that feel it is their duty to interfere with events to achieve the best possible outcome.

General: Absence magic most often manifests in individuals that detest the concept of Law, civilization, the universe, or any number of other things with such strength that they would wish the object of their hatred stricken permanently from the face of the world. Absence individuals loathe the idea of a black and white moral system and in fact, most any moral system at all. They believe that the only limits to power are those that are self-imposed and as such place no restrictions on their own behavior. The rarest personality type, it manifests in only the most heartless or fractured of individuals. Absence is an element of chaos; anything can happen when a move is used.

Remaker: Absence individuals with a desire to restructure the world into something that would fit better with their own personal desires are of the Remaker personality type.

Psychotic: Absence individuals whose desires are not clear enough to be gaged by any rational individual is of the Psychotic personality type.

Daemoniac: Absence individuals whose primary desire is to inflict pain on others are of the Daemoniac personality type.
Some ideas about a magic system. Not for Jason's game, but just some interesting ideas for another fantasy game I've been thinking up on my own. Still, they might get some use out of it.

I ran out of steam near the end. I couldn't bring myself to write anymore.
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wildkrattsbeastforce Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, really like these descriptions of the elements. Is it alright if I use some of these to help me center some character personalities?
Galaxess2006 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
This is so good. It has helped me with all my characters who are all different elements, thank you!!! =D =D =D =D
shadowmask25 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
I find that I'm a mix of some of the water and shadow personalities... so 'moon' maybe? :)
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¿Thunder? ¡¿Thuner?! Do not you mean lightning?
Azulnieve-pro Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Darimaru Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Student Artist
Hey.  I read through this a while back and it really resonated with an idea a friend and I had at the time.  That idea has now evolved into the beginnings of a game that we've begun development on.  I'm wondering if it'd be okay if I used this as reference for a starting point for us.   The way in which we'll be using this will be very subtle, if even noticeable at all in the finished product.  It's just a really amazing point of reference since it's so detailed.  We'll definitely credit you regardless of how we use it.  
Spookybishop Featured By Owner May 16, 2015
Thank you, I'm glad that my thoughts inspired you guys. I also appreciate the offer to credit me.

If you're willing to talk about it, I'd like to know more about the project. Feel free to send me a private message if you don't want to talk about it in the comments.
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Mind if I use this as a reference for a fanfic I'm doing? I promise to credit you.
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Yay! I'm just like the icers! Anyways, great job on the choice of vocabulary words! This is awesome
WhereDarknessResides Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist
May I use this reference for a story I am making at the moment? The way you break down each element and each personality with it is just awesome! ~Nightmare
Spookybishop Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Sure, just credit me and link to my page.

I would also like a link to the story when you post it. : )
WhereDarknessResides Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Awesome! Thanks, I sure will! ~Nightmare
thesoniczone11 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
General: Thunder magic most often manifests in individuals that possess an abundance of confidence and a strong desire to lead. Thunder personalities are arrogant, prideful, self-centered, and boastful loud-mouths. They prefer to face problems head on with a direct show of force and intimidation. They perceive themselves to be naturally born leaders-of-men that should be followed for the good of the people. They can tend towards hypocrisy. Thunder personas are very likely to be dissatisfied with any given system and can frequently be found rebelling against something or other; typical rabble-rousers. Thunder is a purely offensive element with almost no defensive techniques.

I consider myself a natural electrokinetic, and I am very fond of electricity and lightning. It even shows in my yellow clothing and my rapid fast thinking and movements. But this description you have seems like the EXACT OPPOSITE of me. I DON'T Have an abundance of confidence, I DON'T Want to be a leader (I prefer being a sidekick or assistant or even 2nd in command), I am NOT arrogant, prideful or self-centered and I am NOT a loud mouth at all. In fact I am a very, very quiet person and somehow, the "Shyer" description for Ice seems closer to me. Weird.
oOToetjeOo Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist
could i use these explenations for some application forms? (example here; [link])
Spookybishop Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
Sure you can do that, I wouldn't mind. I would like you to cite this page in your own though, if you do.
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Can I use some of this info to build the story or personality behind my characters?
Spookybishop Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
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Thanks! :)
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thank you very much ^^ and i did!
Invader-Sideos Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
Nice character references and whatnot yo, this is pretty damn useful for D&Ding =D
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