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supply run
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Published: December 16, 2015
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game models used as ref
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Dashing through the snow...
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Possibly my favorite piece of 'mech art.  I appreciate the pragmatism and implication that not everything in the 31st century is all fusion reactors and hovertanks; sometimes one might have to just improvise a bit.
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love how chill the soldiers are, like being pulled around by a giant mech is no big deal :D
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Beats walking :)  Probably they lost their vehicle and used a local sledge, with a helpful mechwarrior offering to pull it along.  
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Anyone else notice that the "present" is Nuclear?
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GermanPeteHobbyist Photographer
It's containing radioactive material, yes.
Not necessarily a nuclear weapon, I think these would have to have the additional label "explosive" on them.
Maybe it's just... reactor fuel?

Would be neat though if you COULD resupply in the community warfare battles.
I often run out of ammo and being a bullet sponge is not really my idea of great work...
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I figure that's the risk of Ammo builds. That said, I think Ballistics need a bit of a buff, to make them competitive with Lasers.
I think the main problem is everyone believes they SHOULD be able to make it through a whole CW match with just one mech.
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GermanPeteHobbyist Photographer
Nah, running out of ammo is not the problem. The problem is how FAST that happens and after that you have exactly two choices: run into the enemy, trying to TAG as many of them as possible (or if you don't have a TAG, hope your side hears your screams of enemy positions) or step in the line of fire to give someone else time to reload a cannon or cool down.
In MW3 you had the mobile repair post which could refill your coolant (coolant flush wasn't a one-time use there but simply dumping the heated liquid to fast cool in exchange for worse cooling later) and restock your ammo. It took you out of a fight for quite a while and when it was damaged it was lost so it needed extra care and distance to the front lines.
Something along that would be nice here, too. But then, maybe I'm only caught in the triangle of weapons/speed/armor and want to have too much of all three ;)
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KarlosroleroHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ow wow that is so cool! Very nice idea :D
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On a *War*horse open slay!
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whooopy a mechwarrior sleeride hehehe
awesome ide.
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Now this takes me back...kinda funny because its another climate in a different conflict but something about machines of war being used for the holiday missions... I think this just made my top 5 of all time pictures... great work!
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This is pretty awesome
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EzekielepharcelisHobbyist Filmographer
Santa Claus is coming to Town ? :)
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Sentinel373Professional Digital Artist
not much of a run though if you're using a banshee to pull the cargo along :P
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somerandomguy459 Digital Artist
The dog sled of the 31st century. Fucking awesome.
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