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:D with GRAVY! 
Yea! peoples should draw me and stuff! I think it would be so interesting to see everyones interpretation of me! My friend Jannah Jellybean drew one of me it's super cute see?!…
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
I'm beginning to think he really didn't care at all.
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
And that day I fell flat on my face because I realized all the lemon juice had been sucked out of my poor lemon body and I was just like, "wth man?" :crying: And you see, i've had this lemon juice for so many years it was almost like a security blanket to wrap around myself when I needed comfort, but I lost that blanky! ...Or someone stoled it or something. I kinda miss it, but now I feel free. Although on some cold nights I have nothing to wrap around me anymore and that is seed breaking! SEED BREAKING! :ohnoes: All I really have left is my inner lemon self, but like that one chick said, "In the end all you got is you." She really wasn't talking about lemon juice, but in some way that made sense to me. Well, my little lemon self is not all lost here because I can see another lemon somewhere in the fruit bowl and maybe they'll let me have some of their lemon juice I really don't know at this point..I don't wanna waist that lemon juice or anything cause that would be bad for everyone...okay maybe not everyone mostly just my lemon seed! And that's why I fell flat on my face because you see how could I support myself if i'm just an empty lemon carcass? Well, at least my skins still smell citric..that's good for something like potpourri!
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
:D Would some one please let me know if they could digitally color one of my drawings? I will draw up some line art and I wanna see some kewl colorings on it! I don't have anything to offer except a free drawing of choice sow yeaaa XD We're poor folk here!!
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
I'm a big sissy noooooow!! :heart: I have a new baby brother who was born 9 days ago on January 20th 2013. His name is Dominic (Dommi for short) I haven't met him yet, but I know I love him and he's the sweetest and bestest baby in the world better than anyone else I know! He's innocent and pure and I'm always gonna be there for him and love him!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I love my baby bro!
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice by :iconxd-irawk-xd:
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
The Basics
1.) Your name: Kwysten Elise Reyes
2.) Nicknames: Spooky, Kryss, Christina, Kristy, Monkey
3.) Do you like these nicknames?: Yeaaaa theys all cuuute
4.) Location: I lives in Grand Prairie, Texas in the U.S.
5.) Age: 17
6.) Birthday: June 12, 1995
7.) Zodiac sign: Geminiiii WOO!!
8.) Parents names: Jacqueline Reyes and Paco Reyes (divorced)
9.) Siblings?: 2 older brothers Kyle (deceased) and Orion
10.) Pets: D: i used to has two puppies, but we had to gives them awaaaay
11.) Number of rooms in your house: 8
12.) Religion: I ams a Catholic
13.) If so-practicing?: Noes I don't willy haven't went to curch in foreveeers
14.) Male or Female?: I ams a females!!
15.) Is your family close?: eeeeer....not sow much heh ^_^'

What are your favorite
16.) Foods: Mashed po-tay-tooooooes!!!
17.) TV shows: Adventure Time!!!!! Courage the Cowardly Dog and The marvelous misadventure of flapjack
19.) Actors: Adrian Brody
20.) Actresses: Kat Dennings!!! :heart:
21.) Books: Lotsa manga like; Hellsing, Blood Alone, Shugo Chara, and Vampire Kisses
22.) Artists: hmmmmmmmmm... idk! Billy Jean!
24.) Video Games: Castle Crashyyyyys!! and Scott Pilgrim and House of the dead shooty zombie gameys!
26.) Outfits: I likes to wear jeans and band shirts!! or spunky shirts with funny phrases O YEAH! :D
27.) Stores: Converse!!!!
28.) Sports: I loves Soccer
30.) Numbers: Lucky number 13!!
31.) Websites: Youtubey Faceybooks and DeviantArt
32.) Cartoons characters: Marceline and Bubby!!
33.) TV Channels: Cartoon networks and Nickelodeon
34.) Made For TV Movies:errrm can't thinks of anyyy
37.) Hair products: Wells ya see mah lovelys I use Treseme' or Garniere Shampoo/Conditioner thens I put my Garniere leave in conditioners!!
38.) Makeup Products: I use Mac foundation (on occasions) Almay liquid eyeliner and Rimmel London Mascara
39.) Kind of Pens: The fine tip ones that are really liquidy and inky!!
40.) Kind of Shows: I like comedy shows and horror too like the walking dead!!!
41.) Pieces of Jewelry: I like wearing cool necklaces and stud earrings nothing too fancy
42.) Kinds of Soap: I reeeeeaally likes liquid body soaps I don't like bar soap. Nivea is awesome it smells sow nice
43.) Kinds of Shampoo: Treseme' Pantene and Garniere for Ramen noodle hairs XD looool
44.) Game Systems: playstatioooon 360 and dreamcast and i play on everythhhhhiiing
45.) CD s: Queen Flyleaf Evanescence Korn Within Temptation Paramore jus lotsa rock CDs
47.) Past times: Drawing and reading
48.) Things to do on the weekend: draw and be on the computer an watch tvs
49.) Magazines: Blender or some really cool tattoo ones
50.) Animals: KITTYYYYYY

51.) Favorite Brand of Clothing?: Tripp and Mighty Fine
52.) Favorite sweatpants: I just like ones that are comfortable and still let me move arounds
53.) What is your everyday outfit?: Band shirt/funny cartoon shirt jeans and converse
54.) Do you wear a uniform to school?: nopes lol I wear anything i want as long as it's not against the dresscode
55.) Do you like it?:'s okay
56.) What is your favorite clothing store?: HOT TOPIIIICS!!! :heart:
57.) Do you try to dress like other people?: SKREW DEH PEOPLEEEES
58.) Do you consider yourself to be trendy?: probably sometimes on accident lol but i can careless about trends i wear what i like!!
59.) What kind of shoes do you wear?: Converse :D
60.) Do you like funky shoelaces?: YEA THEY CAN BE CUTES
61.) Do you wear hats?: Heehee only during winter I wear beanies and animal beanies
62.) Do you wear a lot of jewelry?: hmmmm not reallys
63.) If so, what?: I wears necklaces earrings and braceletes sometimes
64.) Do you wear belts?: Noes, but I really needs to invest in ooooone mah pants faaaall
65.) Do you wear skirts?: NEVER AGAAAAAAAAIN HIIIIIISSSS...
66.) Do you wear revealing clothing?:Sometimes I do lol, but never around friends cause that would be weird
67.) Do you like the Eskimo look?: Hmmm...seems warm!
68.) Do you wear big pimpin coats?: noes :D
69.) Do you carry a purse or bag?: I carries a bag sometimes when I have snacks in it
70.) If so, what is it like?: It's delicious!
71.) What are your grades like?: A's B's and a couple C's
72.) Do you wish you could change your performance in school?: Sometimes I think bout it thens i'm like naaaaaaaah XD
73.) Are you failing anything?: Nuffin yet :D >3> let's keep it that way baybeh!
74.) Do you take a language?: Don't havetah
75.) If so which language?: FUDGE
76.) Who is your favorite teacher?: D: Mr. Luscious, but he's gone noooow..
77.) Do you decorate your locker?: Not since middle school and all it had was a mirror lol
78.) Do you decorate your bookbag?: noes
79.) If so, with what?: dookey splatters
80.) Do you draw on yourself in school?: whens i'm booored mah fwiends draw on me toooo
81.) Do you doodle all over your notebooks?: I doodle on my work XD
82.) Do you take art?: I LOOOOOOVE IT NEEDS MOOOOORE
83.) Do you walk to school or are you driven?: I've done it all baybeh
84.) Do you like school?: I jush likes mah fwieeeeends
85.) How big is your school?: Pretty big...
86.) Do a lot of your friends go to your school?: Alls of em :D
87.) Do you wish you could change schools?: sometimes lol
88.) Are you on the Honor/Merit roll?: NEVER :D
89.) Do you participate in school plays?: I would ifs we had anyyyy
90.) Are you in any clubs/which ones?: I use to be in anime club thens I found out there was just fat hentai pervs there...
91.) What color is your room?: It use to be black and grey srtiiiipes D: now it's hooker white
92.) Is it messy or clean?: messy for noooow... D,: sadly
93.) What are on your bedsheets?: grey with a purple blanky
94.) Do you have posters on your wall?: yeash
95.) If so, of what?: jus one ofs a really sad chick
96.) Do you have a TV in your room?: O YEA lol it's a small flat screen but watevers..
97.) A computer?: MAH LAPYTOPS
98.) A radio?: Yesh :3
99.) An alarm clock?: nooooo I don't needs one i wake up whenever I wanna
100.) A stereo?: nah ahs
101.) What is under your bed?: my art kit :3
102.) Do you have a big closet?: yeash it's a walk in
103.) Do you write on your walls?: no I would gets introubleeees
104.) Do you have any beads hanging up?: ew.
105.) If so, what design?: ew.
106.) Is your ceiling decorated?:...with popcorn i guess??
107.) If so, of what?: paint
108.) Do you decorate your door?: noes :3
109.) With what?: nooooooes
110.) What color is your carpet?: hooker white
111.) What are you favorite bands?: o gawd... lol alls of zeh rocks and metaaaals
112.) Do you own a lot of CD s?: I own a decent amooount I mostly download
113.) How many exactly?: errrrr no counting
114.) Do you download music?: yupo
115.) What are your favorite songs?: currently Gangdam style XD but also Welcome to the jungle
116.) Do you listen to the radio?: Only whens I'm in the car I like it!
117.) Do you like loud music?: Sures lol if it's too loud your too old
118.) Do you think its obnoxious when people drive down the street with their stereos all the way up blasting the kind of music you loathe?: yep evens though i do the saaaame
119.) Do you like rap?: FUUUUUUUUCK NO.
120.) Do you like country?: Nope.
121.) What TV shows are you glued to?: None.
122.) Are you a couch potato?: mostly XD LOOK AT THISH GUT
123.) Do you watch the news?: :3 in the mornings for the weather
124.) Are you easily influenced by the people on TV?: nah
125.) Who is your favorite TV star?: KAT DENNINGS!!!
126.) Do you watch late night TV?: Adult swims?? and usually during the summer when I get scaaared..
127.) Do you have more than 100 channels on your TV?: hmmmm idk XD
128.) Do you actually care about any of those above 100?: Some ofs theeeem
129.) Do you watch the Spanish channel just for fun?: sometimes i watch the asian channel jus for fuuun
130.) What is your take on commercials?: somes of them are really getting funnyyyy
131.) How big is your TV?: living room is large room tv is small
132.) Do you use a remote or change it manually?: remotes
133.) When you see something on TV do you run out and buy it as soon as possible?: noes :3
134.) Do you like dramas?: yup pretty much every show has at least some kinda drama in it so i'd be lying ifs i said otherwise
135.) Do you like comedies?: Yesh
136.) Comedy Central-good or bad?: ish otays
137.) Are you obsessive over anyone on TV?: KAT DENNIIIIIINGS
138.) Do you watch any sports on TV/which ones?: nope too boring
139.) Do you watch music videos?: sometimes the rock ones
140.) Do you like watching I Love the 80 s even if you weren't living in the 80 s?:  FUCK YEA!!! THE 80's WAS THE BEST!!! The rock music was soooooooow amazing

141.) Religion?: I believe in all religions combined
142.) Do you go to church regularly?: Nopies
142.) Pro-life?: no
143.) Pro-choice?: DUR you'd be retarded
144.) Are you a virgin?: yeps ;o;
145.) Do you believe in God?: yeash
146.) Jesus?: is cool
147.) Allah?: pretty cools
148.) Buddha?: a cool fat dudes
149.) Do you have crosses hanging in your house?: noes
150.) Do you believe in the true meaning of Christmas?: yeash :3 being wif family and baby jesus
151.) Who are some of your friends?: Kylers, Chris, Katrynas, Leslee, Veronica, Connor and Roberts
152.) Do you have a lot of friends?: yeash XD lol well...i thinks sow..  
153.) Who is your funniest friend?: KYLEEEEEEEERRRRRRS lol Kat and Chris are also very funny hhhmmm connor and robert too they all funnay!! XD
154.) Craziest?: KYLER C;
155.) Weirdest?: Roberts lol
156.) Prettiest: Veronicas :heart:
157.) Fanciest?: hmmmm...mustachio guy??
158.) Sportiest?: well...chris like footballs and running..
159.) Girliest?: hmmmm...I can be pretty girly sometimes, but maybe Veronica as much as me too
160.) Mellowest?: o.o I gots weirdy fwiends
161.) Stupidest?: XD Kat....eattin dookey lol i loves uuuuu
162.) Smartest?: Actually kyler's really smart as weird as he is :D
163.) Thugest?: Jesus cause he's mexicans
164.) Do you have a lot of acquaintances?: yeash
165.) Are you friends with any of your teachers?: I would like to be...but I don't thinks they likes me very much :ohnoes:
166.) Are you friends with any friends parents?: My cousins mom :3
167.) Are you really outgoing only around your friends?: lol not willy...
168.) Are you comfortable around your friends?: Sometimes it depends on what happened
169.) Are you easily influenced by your friends?: Depends
170.) Are you part of a clique?: Sorta it's kinda mixed wif gamers an anime nerds outcasts and stuuufs
171.) Do you make new friends easily?: yeash
172.) Do you have a lot of friends online?: I use to lol
173.) Where did you meet them?: youtubeys back when it was all awesooooome wif streams
174.) Do you have a lot of LJ friends?: whas thaaaa???
175.) Do you sleep over at friends houses a lot?: A LOOOTS
176.) Do you make yourself at home when you go to other friends houses?: hm...not reallys i get nervouuus...
177.) Do your friends rub off on you a lot?: kinda XD
178.) Could you live one day without your friends?: i have lived years..
179.) Rate your social life on a scale of 1-10: 7
180.) How is this survey so far?: lol I likes it, but i sleepys
181.) Book bag/Messenger bag: I likes book bags :3 they go on mah back
182.) Punk/Emo: ew...punks suck they just whiney little bitches that don't wanna follow mommy's rules emos are also whiney bitches
183.) Rock/Rap: Rock
184.) Jay-Z/Nas: no.
185.) Justin/Clay: no.
186.) Ruben/Clay: no.
187.) Cat/Dog: I LOVE THAT SHOOOW!! lol kitties btw
188.) PS2/Xbox: Playstation 2 the beeeeeest
189.) DVDs/VHS: DvDs gots more to offer ;3
190.) Cds/Tapes: CDs
191.) Big screen/small screen: Biggy
192.) Movies at home/in the theater: BOTH
193.) Popcorn/Candy: Candiiies
194.) Jacket/Coat: Hoodie XD
195.) Real fur/Fake fur: nones
196.) sister/brother: I wish i hads a sissy buts i gots brudders
197.) Home/House: Home
198.) Espanol/Deutsch: GERMAN
199.) Art/Computer: Articles!!
200.) Laptop/Desktop: Lapytops
201.) Pepsi/Coke: Coke
202.) Orange/Apple: ORAAAAANGE
203.) Phone/Computer:
204.) Email/Letters: Letters!! :heart: love letters...
205.) Big/Small: Big
206.) Pizza/Ravioli: Pizza
207.) Baby/Toddler: SOW CUTES!!! I loves babies and not loli chrrrriiiiiisssss
208.) 16/21: is this a math question? erm..i calculateds 0
209.) CSI/24: CSI
210.) Superman/Spiderman: SPIDEYMAAAANS
211.) Kilborn/Conan: meh..
212.) Letterman/Leno: meh...
213.) SNL/MadTV: MAD
214.) Flinstones/Jetsons: Flinstones ;3
215.) Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter: LORD OF THE RINGS IS BETTTERRRR
216.) Boxers/Briefs: Boxers :3
217.) Pants/Skirts: pants
218.) Skirts/Skorts: skorts are awesome!!
219.) Fork/Spoon: Sporks X3
220.) People/InTouch: people lol it's a magazine dumbys

Are you
221.) Gothic?: No
222.) a freak?: nah
223.) a computer nerd?: nah
224.) a science freak?: nah
225.) a sports fan?: nah
226.) One of those people that sit in the back of the room during an exam and cough and sniff the whole time?: lol knos but i think they're funny
227.) a class clown?: I use to beeee
228.) funny?: I thinks soooow lol
229.) serious?: never XD lol
230.) intellectual?: I actually am lol despite my childishness
231.) an LOTR nerd?: ummm...
232.) a failure?: Nots yet D:
233.) a success?: hopefully
234.) a loser?: yeas D:
235.) popular?: never been never will be lol i've come to terms wif dish
236.) lazy?: yeaaaaaah...
237.) outgoing?: kinda
238.) shy?: Yea lol
239.) friendly?: very!
240.) easily annoyed?: noes not at all
241.) tolerant of others views?: yeas lol
242.) addicted to crack?: noes
243.) addicted to any other drug?: loves
244.) a partier?: kinda lol
245.) naturally hyperactive?: Yeshhhhh heheheheheh
246.) wild?: sometimes lol
247.) sporty?: only whens i play soccer
248.) smelly?: smelly gewds XD
249.) an insomniac?: only when i get scared...
250.) a procrastinator?: O HELL YEASH XD lol
251.) a criminal?: I am lol.. I stoles my duckey keychain from dollar tree XD
252.) a crackpot?: noes
253.) a bookworm?: my room has a book sheeeelf
254.) hairy?: hmmmmm gots some head hairs arm hairs leg hairs, but i shaaaves but nots mah head
255.) good at playing basketball?: i not tall enooough D':
256.) in high school?: mhm mister
257.) in prison?: noes
258.) from mars?: boys are
259.) straight?: mostly lol  
260.) gay?: lol i'm very happy

Random Questions
261.) Do you like frosted flakes?: after years of only eating frosted flakes i'd have to say noooo...
262.) Are you easily mistaken as being someone of the opposite sex?: noes :3
263.) Do you like nuns?: they're cute lol
264.) Is this survey getting on your nerves?: Noes it's jus 1:41 am and i sleepys lol
265.) Do you use correct English?: Yeash in English class, but not here who cares!!! SOWWY GRAMMAR/SPELLING NAZIS
266.) Hablar Espanol?: not willy
267.) Spien Deutsch?: noes
268.) Speak English?: lol yeeeeaaaaaa i'd rather speaks german or russian thouggggh
269.) Do you know what an aphrodisiac is?: chocolate strawberries :3
270.) Do you know what Draculas first name is?: Vlad lol Alucard backwards is Draculaaaaa
271.) Do you like Russian names?: O vesh me littul mamushka!! lol actually I had a Russian friend named Katushka lol
272.) Like Vlad?: he's keeewl
273.) Homer?: the oddessy? :3
274.) Are you a busy body?: i cans be
275.) Do you like to glue quarters to the floor and see how many people try and pick them up and proceed to fail?: lol i wanna do it noooowwww
276.) Do you like to go mini golfing dressed as old men?: Neeeeeeeeeoooow...
277.) Do you like to roller skate?: no i roller blade bitches!
278.) Who do you wish was president?: lol hitler jk
279.) What do you think of Pres. Bush?: He's white
280.) Do you play Roller Coaster Tycoon?: I use to watch my daddy play it :3 miss my daddy..
281.) Are you insecure?: kinda..
282.) Are you influenced by ancient Greek culture?: sometimes
283.) Roman culture?: idk lol
284.) What kind of architecture do you like?: Victorian yeash
285.) What style architecture is your house?: uuuum...apartment styyyllle wif bricks?
286.) Do you like to shop in big cities?: yeash
287.) Do you like to clean your room?: I LOVE BEING NEAT
288.) Do you hate when people sit in the back of the room during an exam and cough and sniffle the whole time to break your concentration?: lol i thinks it's funnnyyyy
289.) Do you think that clocks are dumb?: yeas they should all die
290.) Does anybody really know what time it is?: It's adventure time betch!
291.) Does anybody really care?: ME DOOOES
292.) Who sings that song?: lol a person probably maybe a vocaloid..
293.) Do you like Chicago?: It's pretty windy there they say..
294.) Does Nevada have a football team?: idk lol
295.) What did you get on the last big test you took?: I goteds a 83
296.) Do you pace in circles when you get nervous?: noes i pace in a line
297.) Do you play with dolls?: sometimes yeaaaa... >///> i'm still a child insiiiiddde
298.) Do you like Star Trek?: my daddy likes star trek!
299.) Whats 2+9+9?: 20...right?
300.) Do you like filling out these surveys?: In a strange way yea lol

301.) Do you have a job?: No i wiiiish
302.) What do you do?: lay around all day like a lazy kitty
303.) Does your boss like you?: i'd imagine they would try to molest me because it always seems to happen that way
304.) How much do you get paid?: a gabillion!!
305.) Do you have your own bank account?: yeash
306.) Do you have a credit card?: Noes
307.) A checkbook?: Noes
308.) Are you a big spender?: I spend money wisely and make it last
309.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: i do lol i shop there alots
310.) In an average week, how much money do you spend?: nones
311.) Do you know how much a peso would be worth in the United States today?: a dollar lol
312.) How about a Franc?: i could....looks it up?
313.) Do you really care?: Naaah
314.) Do you like your job if you have one?: i don't
315.) If you don t have one, do you wish you had one?: yeaaaaa
316.) Do you wish you had more money?: Yeaaaa
317.) Why?: Sow I can save money move out and rent an apartment and buy a car ands stuffs
318.) Would you rather be filthy rich with no friends or dirt poor with tons of friends and a dog?: i be poor wif friends buts can the doggy be a kitty peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase
319.) Do you have a cool wallet?: I gots a naruto walleeet
320.) What is the largest amount of money you ever had in your possession at one time?: $600 moneys :D
321.) What are you wearing?: pjs!
322.) What are you listening to?: my baby cousin anyssa playing gameys on the wii
323.) Who are you talking to?: zeh compoopah
324.) What are you doing other than filling out this survey?: blowing my little nostrills cause theys all runnay!
325.) How is your hair?: fluffy and in a ponytails lol..
326.) Do you have anything on your feet?: sockeys!! wif lady bugs on eeeem from valentines day XD
327.) Are you cold or warm?: colds
328.) Do you have any jewelry on?: my black cross lol
329.) Do you have any makeup on?: noes i took it offs
330.) Name 4 things laying around your desk: books, tools, dollys, and stuffed aminals
331.) Pick up a book laying near you and type a random sentence from a random page: Baby it's cold outside. lol
332.) Open a cabinet near you and describe whats in it: keychains and tape and batteries
333.) What time is it?: AAAADVENTURE TIIIIME!
334.) Should you be doing something else now?: sleepings
335.) Why aren t you doing it?: must answer questiioooons
336.) Is your room a mess now?: Yaaa D: help me mommyyy...
337.) Is your mom nagging at you to clean it?: No cause she should b doing it cause it's her stuuufff
338.) What are any people around you doing?: playing mario party on the wii
339.) Who are you thinking about right now?: Sleepiiiiing
340.) Are you doing anything illegal?:

341.) How much time do you spend on your appearance in the morning?: an possibly more to looks normal
342.) Do you wear makeup regularly?: yea  
343.) If so, what?: eyeliner mascara and foundation
344.) Are your looks important to you?: yes
345.) Do you want to change the way you look?: hmmm it could hurt to lose some weight i suppose XD
346.) What would you change?: see above
347.) How do you usually wear your hair?: usually down and curly sometimes in a pony tail or sometimes straight and in piggytails heehee
348.) Do you dye your hair?: yeash I dye it a brownish red color heehee yaaay
349.) Do you straighten you hair?: sometimes when i feels like it
350.) What color is your hair naturally?: light brown
351.) What is your eye color?: amber
352.) Do you wear colored contacts?: Noes
353.) Do you look like your parents?: i looks like mah daddy
354.) Is that good or bad?: lol good
355.) Do you turn strange colors sometimes?: Sometimes I turn pinks like a baby tomatooo
356.) Why?: usually it's cause i'm blushing
357.) Do you have any piercings?: i gots three on both my ears :D
358.) Any tattoos?: nots yeeet
359.) Ever gotten a makeover?: noes
360.) Do you experiment a lot with new looks?: noes i likes the way i dress now

361.) Have you ever been out of the country?: noes
362.) Out of your state?: Yesh
363.) Out of your city?: DUUUR
364.) Do you go on a vacation every year?: noes
365.) If so, to where and for how long?: nooooes
366.) Have you ever ridden in a plane?: yea it's awesooooome
367.) In a boat?: Yesh
368.) Do you visit relatives that live far away from you at all?: yeash
369.) On average, every week how many miles do you travel?: meh
370.) Do you drive?: Not yeeeet

371.) Favorite car?: i like ford trucks
372.) Color for that car?: black or silver
373.) Do you have your liscense?: Noes
374.) Permit?: Noes.
375.) Do you like fast cars?: i guuuess they dangerooous

376.) How long so you sleep each night on average?: depend when i got to sleep
377.) Is this enough?: sometimes no
378.) Do you dream every night?: Yeps
379.) Describe a weird dream you had: one times there was a misquito sucking my fishys blood and then it tried to eats meeeee
380.) Do you sleep in awkward positions?: no i sleep like a baby!
381.) Do you sleep in school?: in kindergarten
382.) If so, do you wake up with different patterns all over your face from whatever you were laying on?: Yeaaa
383.) What position do you usually wake up in?: on my back with my arms up XD lmao
389.) Does your alarm clock wake you up?: FUDGE NO! I'll wake up whenever the hell i wanna wake uuuup
390.) What kind of alarm clock do you have?: NOOOOO

Going Out
391.) How often do you go to parties?: nots a lots
392.) Are you a crazy party hopper?: I would be lol
393.) Do you like wild parties with lots of people?: yeash
394.) Are you a social butterfly?: yeash
395.) Do you go clubbing?: Not yeeet
396.) Ever been drunk?: Not yeeeet
397.) Ever get kicked out of a party?: Not yeeeet
398.) For what?: No.
399.) Do you throw a lot of parties?: All the sudden yesh XD
400.) Do you go to the mall a lot?: yup
401.) Do you go with a lot of friends?: yup
402.) Do you like going to arcades?: lol yea to play house of the dead!!
403.) Is DDR a cool game?: It is.
404.) What about those racing games?: no.
405.) How many parties have you been to in the last 3 months?: Katryna's lol
406.) How many formal dances have you been to in the last year or so?: nooone
407.) Do you dress up when you go out?: YUP
408.) Do you go to see a lot of movies on the weekend?: recently
409.) Who has the best parties?: Aparently I XD YAAAy

Dating and Stuff
410.) Are you involved romantically with anyone right now?: Yesh
412.) Do you wish you were with someone right now?: lol yea..
413.) Do you have a secret crush?: yup
414.) Who?: Only like 5 peoples lol
415.) Do they know?: yup
416.) How many people have you dated in the passed year?: 1 for the last 5 years XD
417.) Kissed in the past year?: nopes
418.) Do you know what 143 means?: DOOKEY
419.) How many people have you said "I love you" to?: 2  
420.) Did you mean it?: yea lol
421.) If you didn t mean in, why did you bother saying it?: no
422.) Do you say I Love You to your friends all the time?: Only veronica
423.) Where do you go out on dates?: Usually it's to the moobies lol
424.) Whats the most fun date you ever had?: lol uh...i guess the moobies
425.) If you break up with someone do you cry your heart out while listening to breakup songs and then in an hour your fine again with a new love-buddy?: I definatly cry my heart out but not get over it quickly

Who Would Win In a Fight?
426.) Britney or Christina: christina
427.) Justin or JC: no
428.) Frodo or Sam: FRODOOOOO
429.) B2K or Nsync: NO.
430.) Cartman or Bart Simpson: Cartman looool
431.) Dracula or Frankenstein: Draculaaaaaaa foo!
432.) Triumph or Simon Cowell: loool Simooon
433.) Conan or Jay: no.
434.) Rosie O Donnell or Boy George: BOY GEORGE
435.) Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson: Carmen Electra cause she gots a cool name
436.) Tommy Lee or the guy whos married to Carmen Electra right now:no.
437.) Bill O Reilly or Chris Matthews: no.

438.) Who are your heroes?: Lacey Mosely... :heart:
439.) Why do you look up to them?: Because all her struggles she faced and still being happy today
440.) Do you wish you could be just like them?: only in faithwise
441.) State the most inspiring quote you know: "Arise and be all that you've dreamed"
442.) Do your parents inspire you?: Nooooot sow much
443.) Do any of your friends inspire you?: Kat lol cause she doesn't care much wat ppls think

More Random Questions
444.) Are nutri-grain bars good or bad?: gew
445.) Do you eat a lot of donuts?: when i gots them
446.) What kind?: powdeeered
447.) Do you like chocolate?: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
448.) Has your uncle ever gone to jail for unpaid parking tickets?: noesh
449.) Do you see dancing giraffes and living gnomes in your sleep?: noess lol
450.) Do you like headphones that go in your ears or stay out?: mah eaaars
452.) Have you ever broken your mini blinds with a hanger?: no lol
453.) Have you ever gotten into a violent fit of rage and tried to murder someone?: O.O o gawd no.
454.) How is this survey so far?:meh..
455.) Do you like the movie Fantasia?: it's beautifuuuuuls wif mickey mousey

What s Your Take On
456.) Life: Pretty gewds daaawg
457.) The world: is horrible..
458.) President Bush: is white
459.) Ahhhhnold: lol yes
460.) Gary Coleman running for governor: whaaa XD
461.) Howard Stern: sweet!
462.) The war in Iraq: Should end.
463.) the economy: Sucks
464.) jay-z retiring: HA
465.) school: ish otays
466.) going to college: yuppies
467.) marriage: yeash pease?!
468.) football: no.
469.) baseball: no.
470.) people cutting themselves for pleasure: no.

Do You
471.) Pick your nose?: sometimes it itches...XD lmao
472.) Untie your shoe laces everytime you take your shoes off?: don't needs to mah feets always slip out
473.) Fart a lot?: only when i gotsta
474.) Burp a lot?: usually only when i drinks bubbly stuffs
475.) Do stupid things in public?: all zeh times brudda
476.) Terrorize innocent people on golf courses?: no
477.) Have random hallucinations?: eh..more than i shoul
478.) Wear shirts with quotes on them?: ALWAAAAYS
479.) Wear patches and/or pins on your clothing?: sometimes
480.) Wear leg warmers?: nopes
481.) Sing in the shower?: all zeh time
482.) Play any card game?: YU-GI-OH!
483.) Sleep with a teddy bear?: mah kittyyyy!!
484.) Take your pet for a walk?: don't gots oooone
485.) Have a snake?: naaah
486.) Have webbed feet?: eeews...
487.) Wear colorful socks?: when i'm feeling happy
488.) Have a life?: I thinks...yes
489.) Drink coffee?: neeeeeooooope
490.) Drink tea?: sow peacefuuuul yeash

491.) What are your screen names?: Spookykins
492.) Emails?: yeas please
493.) Do you have a website?: yeash
494.) Do you have a live journal or dead journal?: deadish
495.) Do you ever get off the computer?: only to sleep
496.) What are your favorite websites?: Faceybooks Youtubey and DeviantArt
497.) What are your favorite online stores?: Hot Topics!
498.) Do you buy a lot of stuff online?: Naaah
499.) If so, what?: no
500.) Whats the last thing you bought online?: My sweet 16 dressy
501.) Do you have a lot of online friends?: noes
502.) Have you ever met any of them in person?: Noes
503.) Whos the best person to talk to online?: friends
504.) Do you ever catch yourself using computer language outloud?: yeash
505.) Do you use AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN?: noes
506.) Whats your desktop background?: Alucard froms Hellsing
507.) Whats your AIM icon?: waaah
508.) How many hours do you spend online in a week on average?: um...a gabillions??
509.) Do you have a webcam or a mic?: Boths
510.) If your computer shut down for a week, would you die?: i been longer withouts it

511.) Whats the best present you've ever received?: a tvs
512.) Whats the worst present you've ever received?: a pink shirt
513.) Do you think its better to give than to receive?: they boths pretty good
514.) Do you feel guilty when people get you a great present, but you didn't get them one?: yeaaa
515.) Do you make up a lie to cover it up?: No.

More Favorites
516.) Favorite radio station: the eagle and the edge
517.) Favorite day of the week: Friday
518.) Favorite fruit: mangoes, strawbabies, kiwis
519.) Favorite vegetable: potatoooooes
520.) Favorite lunch meat: SALAMIIII
521.) Favorite candy bar: Almond Joys
522.) Favorite nail polish: BLUE
523.) Favorite chair: rolly chaaaaiiirs
524.) Favorite early morning show: cartoonies
525.) Favorite morning talk show host: no
526.) Favorite writing paper: notebook?
527.) Favorite section of the newspaper: obituaries
528.) Favorite sibling (if you have any): no
529.) Favorite distant relative: no
530.) Favorite dessert: chocolate
531.) Favorite weather: Cool
532.) Favorite season: Fall
533.) Favorite shoe brand: Converse
534.) Favorite lunch: MASHED POTATOES
535.) Favorite breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and hashbrooooownies
536.) Favorite author: Ellen Schrieber
537.) Favorite place to see concerts: House of Blues
538.) Favorite band to see live: Flyleaf
539.) Favorite survey you've ever gotten:no

More This or That
540.) Nike/Adidas: no
541.) Alone/With friends: sometimes both
542.) Work/Have off: have offs
543.) Pomegranate/Persimmon: Pomegranate
544.) Raspberry/Blueberry: fake blueberry
545.) Cheech and Chong/Abbot and Costello: cheech and chong lol
546.) Acid/Shrooms: shroooooooms
547.) Who/The Who: ZEH WHO
548.) Older/Newer: older
549.) Regular pretzel/Pretzel log: Regulars
550.) Have sex/Make love: Make lovey!! :heart:

Have you ever
551.) Used a swear word the wrong way and made it sound completely stupid?: no
552.) Skipped school?: yes
553.) Done drugs?: No.
554.) Been drunk?: No.
555.) Been so drunk you couldn't remember your own name?: No.
556.) Had to look after someone who was on drugs?: No.
557.) Gone insane?: no
558.) Been in the hospital over night?: No.
559.) Been in a car accident?: No.
560.) A bike accident?: No.
561.) Broken a bone?: No.
562.) Sprained a wrist or an ankle?: mah ankle when i jumped of a high fence the day before a standing concert! XD
563.) Been online for more than 8 hours at one shot?: alls zeh time
564.) Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yea...
565.) Watched TV for more than 11 hours straight?: nah ah
566.) More than 12 hours?: No.
567.) How about 5 hours?: No.
568.) Slipped in public and had everyone laugh at you?: Yes.
569.) Passed out from hunger?: No.
570.) Been to a LAN party?: No.

Other Stuff
571.) Do you like going to basketball games?: No.
572.) How about swim meets?: no
573.) Tennis matches?: No.
574.) Do you like Family Feud?: kinda
575.) The ones with Richard?: No.
576.) How about Match Game?: No.
577.) Do you watch Game Show network regularly?: No.
578.) Do you believe in dream catchers?: Yes.
579.) Do transvestites appeal to you?: Some might, I never met one.
580.) Have you ever been to New York City?: No.
581.) Do you wish you could live somewhere else?: Sometimes.
582.) Do you dress in different ways to look like other people?: No.
583.) Yes or No: Christina Aguilera has talent: Meh.
584.) Do you like TiVo?: yeas
585.) Do you have a TiVo?: use to lol
586.) VCR s or DVD players?: DVD
587.) Are you an animal rights activist?: Noesh
588.) A vegan?: I once ate a hotdog while watching piggies be slaughtered XD looool
589.) Vegetarian?: can't resist zeh meeeaaats
590.) What do you want to be when you grow up?: an illustrator!

Do you know
591.) Who won the Super Bowl last year?: no
592.) Two years ago?: no
593.) Who hosted Family Feud after Richard?: no
594.) The author of "Frankenstein"?: Marry Shelly duuur
595.) Who the Canadian Prime Minister is?: no
596.) The Queen of England?: no
597.) Prime Minister of Britain?: no
598.) Espanol?: No
599.) Deutsch?: No
600.) Japanese?: No
601.) Français?: No
602.) Chinese?: No
603.) Portuguese?: No
604.) (If you don t, do you wish you knew any of these languages?): Germaaaan
606.) The capital of the US?: yea
607.) All of the Canadian provinces?: no
608.) The two most commonly used languages in the world?: English and Spanish.
609.) How to fly a kite?: Yes
610.) How to surf?: No.
611.) Skateboard?: i can goes down a hiiiilll
612.) How about rollerblade?: EASY PEASEY
613.) What year the Korean war started?: no

614.) What is the one thing in the world that makes you teary eyed?: When someone is being treated wrong
615.) Happy eyed?: someone i love like friends and suffs
616.) What song always makes you sad?: closure by chevelle
617.) Happy?: Welcome to the jungle
618.) Which person always makes you really happy?: My friends and boyfraaand >3> oooo
619.) Really depressed?: send the pain below also by chevelle
620.) Are you a really emotional person?: yeash
621.) Are you a naturally depressed person?: Noes
622.) A naturally happy person?: ALWAYS
623.) How long does it take you to overcome a bad emotion?: long times
624.) What do you do?: crying helps..
625.) What song do you think was written about your life?: Red Sam by Flyleaf

The Last Person To
626.) Who was the last person to hug you?: Anyssa
627.) Talk to you?: Anyssa
628.) IM you?: No one.
629.) Touch you physically?: Anyssa
630.) Touch you emotionally?: no ones
631.) Hurt you?: a dude
632.) Make you feel gooooood?: lol cake?
633.) Scold you?: Mom.
634.) Praise you?: Anyssa
635.) Say "Hello" to you?: errrrrms Chrissy

636.) Are you secure with yourself?: sometimes
637.) What do other people think of you?: usually they think i gotta big ol booty lol
638.) What kind of person do you see yourself as?: A weirdo.
639.) What is your one maaaaajjoooorrrr weakness?: too nice
640.) Do you consider yourself to be a strong person?: sometimes
641.) A weak person?: Physically yeash
642.) Are you stressed out?: sometimes
643.) If someone insults you, can you just brush it off or move on?: depeeends dookey face!
644.) Do you hold grudges against others that insult you?: depends wat they saaaaay
645.) If you are sitting in class and you say something really dumb or do something really stupid and everyone starts laughing at you, can you brush it off easily?: I usually do it on purpose XD

MORE Random Stuff
671.) Name all the Teletubbies in order right now no thinking: Tinky winky, dipsie, lala, po!!
672.) Do you like to blurt out random sayings in a conversation for no reason?: lol yeaaaa
673.) Do you talk Simmish?: noooo
674.) Oday ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay?: looool
675.) Isn't pig latin the best?: No.
676.) Do you have a distinct smell?: They says i smells like shampooooo
677.) Do you know anyone who has a distinct smell that you wish you could bottle and make a perfume or something?: BABIES
678.) Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?: Nope boring!
679.) Did you ever have a crazy eighth grade teacher?: noooo
680.) Are you in an asylum?: aren't we all ._.,
681.) College?: next year
682.) What is your favorite scent? BABY POWDER
683.) Do you eat chocolate?: Yes!
684.) Where is your favorite restaurant?: CHEESECAKE FACTORYYYY
685.) What is the best feeling in the world?: Love...
686.) What is the worst feeling in the world?: a broken heart..
687.) Do like Spongebob?: OMG YEASH!!
688.) Do you think he's gay?: No hes adorableeee
689.) How about Squidward?: He's to funnyyyy and sarcastics
690.) Do you like to make up stupid excuses in school like "I was too busy getting raped by a bull to do my homework"?:  naaaah
691.) Do you do your homework every night?: Noes
692.) Do you usually get a lot?: noes
693.) "OOOOOO poor baby": lol i am a baby!
694.) Have you ever been French kissed by a dog?: LOL NO.
695.) Have you ever fed a dog or cat out of your mouth?:no....
696.) Ever eaten a doggie biscuit?: Noesh
697.) Don't you wish they would make them for humans too?: yes scooby snacks!!
698.) Where is your second home?: My aunt's house
699.) Are dollar stores cool?: Yeaaa
700.) How many phone numbers do you have memorized that you don t need to look up?: 5
701.) Do you wish your teeth would get whiter?: yeaaaa
702.) Can you do the limbo?: yeash very flexible wooooo!
703.) Do you make New Year s Resolutions?: alwaaays

Which Friend
704.) Has the best taste in music?: Me
705.) Has the coolest name?: Chris cause it's Keon lol keon Mudani XD
706.) Has the best taste in movies?: ME
707.) Has the nicest hair?: Veronicaaa
708.) Has the fittest body?: Probably Leslee lol
709.) Do you hang out with most?: Kat and leslee
710.) Has the coolest parents?: me
711.) Lives closest to you?: Chrissy
712.) Lives the farthest from you?: Leslee and Kat
713.) Can you relate to most?: Kat
714.) Is the best for advice on anything?: Me
715.) Can you make you laugh the easiest?: Kyler and Chris XD

Word Association!
716.) blow:  up.
717.) lollipop: lolipop oh loli loli loli lolipop da dum dum dum!!
718.) obnoxious: black peoples
719.) cold: snows
720.) hot: summer
721.) smell: trash
722.) car: red sports car
723.) rain: drops
724.) wet: water
725.) steamy: pot of boiling water
726.) bite: dog
727.) beer: brown bottle
728.) rock: and roll baby!!
729.) hard: a wall
730.) soft: kittysss

OK Here's the dirty part
731.) Have you ever played a game that required the removal of clothing?: yeash
732.) What s your favorite place to be kissed?: the hand/nose/forehead :3
733.) Are you a tease?: idk
734.) Spit or swallow: depends XD lmao
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
Hey friends and lovers!! It's :iconpeachshark: 's 3000 point giveaway!! Here is the link to her journal that has all the ruuuules
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
I saw thish from Leslee...

  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice
  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice

'Little Black Book'

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 1:45 AM

SO..I gots this little black sketch book I'm drawing in...and I'm not showing any of my friends the drawings inside til i've filled up the whole thing!! Now there is 176 pages (front and back) but i've drawn on 3 pages! :meow: (front and back) sow nows there's only 170! :squee: YAAAAAAY! down side is that means I might not be posting for a may take a whole year to get done, but i'll upload everything on here when I finish! :nod:

  • Listening to: gun shots and cursing
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Hellsing
  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Wild Strawberry Juice