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I'll be traveling a lot in March and May and I hope to do some shooting. In anyone in these areas interested?

  • Dallas, TX: ~March 12-14
  • New Jersey / NYC: ~March 16-19
  • Philly + Allentown, PA: ~March 19-21
  • Seattle, WA: Sakuracon - March 25-27
  • Lots of bouncing between LA and SF in April, and mostly in SF starting May, including Fanime
  • Portland, OR: May 30 - June 1  - at this location, ideally something Chinese-inspired like Yona/Zhang Xiao Bai's art for shooting at Lan Su Chinese Garden
I'm also considering London in May, though that is unlikely and very budget dependent.

As for what I'd like to shoot, in Portland, I want something specifically Chinese. For the other, general preferences would be something from one of these lists: Google Doc / Facebook List. In particular one project I would like to work on this year is to creatively experiment with wings, somewhat like the wings of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
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By popular demand, I made a Facebook page, to join my tumblr as yet another place you can stalk me.

Awhile ago I posted a Google Doc of things I'd like to shoot. And I still keep that doc somewhat up to date, so check it out. I've also added a Facebook Album of photoshoot ideas too, which is maybe an even better format.

I've been using tumblr to post all freshly finished shoots. Facebook content I may focus on planning and behind the scenes. That's not really something I share much elsewhere. And Deviant Art will remain the place for highlights. There's also a Google+ page I don't use at all, and a YouTube channel I hope to use someday.
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Camera Angles

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I did a dream shoot of mine about two years ago. (that I still have to finish editing photos from - what I have so far Trust and Betrayal) It's a dream shoot for a lot of photographers. After seeing someone else's take recently, I decided to collect some across DA

Kenshin and Tomoe: The Sound of Snow Falling by behindinfinity  Tomoe`s death by Gellariot  Of Love Lost by xXBrokenMemoriesXx  Trust and Betrayal by mrdustinn  Tragic winter by SerahSerrin  Samurai X 1 by iamniki  Battousai - Tomoe - Remembrance by RomaiLee  A Broken Love by Elrowiel  The Lying Corpse by RabbitTales 
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I have not set up a FB page yet, but I may soon. Until then I have one more way you can follow me - tumblr. When/if I setup a Facebook page I'll post about that both here and there. (I have three tumblrs - that one for cosplay photos. Another for a photo per week, and then my base tumblr for random reblogs.)

This month I'm featured on CosplayPhotograhers.com for winning their 2013 photo contest with my Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen cosplay photo.
Trust and Betrayal by spooky-epiic

Sadly the rest of that shoot isn't online yet. I'm so backlogged Sweating a little...

I am trying to keep my list of stuff I want to shoot up to date. Earlier in the year, I completed the Euterpe Inori photo from that list. And I recently did one of my dream shoots featuring Kaji & Misato at Fanime - hopefully I can get interested cosplayers for the rest of my Evangelion series. Though my latest addition to that list is Samurai Flamenco - a shoot that actually would work well at a con.

This Saturday I'm heading off to Germany for a week and a half trip along the Danube river concluding in Budapest. No cosplay shooting planned for that though. (yet?)
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