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By popular demand, I made a Facebook page, to join my tumblr as yet another place you can stalk me.

Awhile ago I posted a Google Doc of things I'd like to shoot. And I still keep that doc somewhat up to date, so check it out. I've also added a Facebook Album of photoshoot ideas too, which is maybe an even better format.

I've been using tumblr to post all freshly finished shoots. Facebook content I may focus on planning and behind the scenes. That's not really something I share much elsewhere. And Deviant Art will remain the place for highlights. There's also a Google+ page I don't use at all, and a YouTube channel I hope to use someday.
I did a dream shoot of mine about two years ago. (that I still have to finish editing photos from - what I have so far Trust and Betrayal) It's a dream shoot for a lot of photographers. After seeing someone else's take recently, I decided to collect some across DA

Kenshin and Tomoe: The Sound of Snow Falling by behindinfinity  Tomoe`s death by Gellariot  Of Love Lost by xXBrokenMemoriesXx  Trust and Betrayal by mrdustinn  Tragic winter by SerahSerrin  Samurai X 1 by iamniki  Battousai - Tomoe - Remembrance by RomaiLee  A Broken Love by Elrowiel  The Lying Corpse by RabbitTales 
I have not set up a FB page yet, but I may soon. Until then I have one more way you can follow me - tumblr. When/if I setup a Facebook page I'll post about that both here and there. (I have three tumblrs - that one for cosplay photos. Another for a photo per week, and then my base tumblr for random reblogs.)

This month I'm featured on for winning their 2013 photo contest with my Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen cosplay photo.
Trust and Betrayal by spooky-epiic

Sadly the rest of that shoot isn't online yet. I'm so backlogged Sweating a little...

I am trying to keep my list of stuff I want to shoot up to date. Earlier in the year, I completed the Euterpe Inori photo from that list. And I recently did one of my dream shoots featuring Kaji & Misato at Fanime - hopefully I can get interested cosplayers for the rest of my Evangelion series. Though my latest addition to that list is Samurai Flamenco - a shoot that actually would work well at a con.

This Saturday I'm heading off to Germany for a week and a half trip along the Danube river concluding in Budapest. No cosplay shooting planned for that though. (yet?)
I general, I think I take the best pictures when I'm shooting things I know and I'm interested in. Also, for me, cosplay photography has gone from taking pictures of cool outfits I saw to being a form of fanart. I can shoot more than I can cosplay.

So, to further my fanart, as well as hopefully making it easier for people who may want to shoot with me to approach me, I made a Google Doc of things I'd like to shoot.

As a side note, for where I shoot - I live in California, near Santa Monica. I also visit the bay area (San Jose / SF) and east coast (NJ/NY/PA) regularly. I hope to visit HK+SG+maybe MY sometime in the next two years. I will probably visit Seattle sometime in 2014. I will be visiting a bit of Germany, Hungary, and other destinations along the Rhine river June 2014.
I've had the idea for this for awhile. I decided to go ahead and make a new group:

The idea is to collect pictures focused on presenting the character's emotional state. Just characters looking pretty/sexy/cool make up most photos, and are not what I'm looking for. This is for the those, where there is a greater degree of acting involved, and it is complimented with photographic technique that re-enforces that feeling.

If that sounds interesting at all to you, :+devwatch: watch the group. Or if you think you may have something to contribute, join it!

Also, would any of you be interested in helping out approving members / submissions?
I already posted this to LJ, but here will probably see a more diverse audience.

I'm looking for someplace with a bathtub not attached to the wall. And a bedroom and/or bathroom that could pass as 1930's looking. For those, I'm looking for somewhere in southern California.

Also for general future reference, I'm wondering what cool (mainly indoor) areas to you guys have access to? That I could potentially borrow for use for photo shoots. (not limited to SoCal, just places not too far from US conventions.) Could be your home, a relative's place, friend's place, schools, where you work, etc.
Some ideas of what may be relevant:
  • Decent size stair cases? Spiral stair cases?
  • Chandeliers (or at least moderate epicness )
  • Rooms with shiny wood floors and nice curtains with furniture that could be moved. (i.e. to look ballroom-ish)
  • fairly clean bedrooms (i.e. guest bed rooms)? Maybe with old-style furniture?
  • Classrooms with chairs separate from the desks (example).
  • Labs? (I promise we won't touch anything!) Observatories? Linear Accelerators? Machine shops? Carpentry shops? Sewage treatment plants?
  • Fancy kitchens
  • Cool bathrooms - stand-alone/clawfoot tub (example)? Generally old looking - i.e. small mirror + non-modern looking sink fixtures (example).
  • Traditional looking home offices/studies/library (example)
  • Dining rooms / breakfast nooks that have a non-modern feel
  • recreation spaces such as: pool tables, actual pool, tree house, etc.
  • brick walls (more than just a small segment of the wall)
  • Roofs in urban area (not indoors, but requires going indoors)
  • rooms with tatami mat flooring
  • any other randomly cool interior areas?

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Hello World,

After having dA for two years, I decided a month or two ago I'd use it to post my better pictures, rather than have them get lost among lots and lots of others on my own site. I decided I'll aim to post about one image per week. Though to start off, a Dark Knight double feature of Joker and Two Face.