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Around the Internet, I tend to go by SpookyElectric, but that was taken here. Alternatively, I started to use epiic, but that was taken here too. My dA name is a lame combo of those two.
Want to shoot with me? Here are some things I'd definitely like to shoot & here are some more.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA USA
Operating System: FreeBSD

Favourite Visual Artist
Hyung Tae-Kim, Range Murata, Makoto Shinkai
Tools of the Trade
Bibble Pro, GIMP, ufraw, cameras, scanner


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I'm the photographer. Though I imagine the answer is no. It's made of EVA foam, so look up tutorials by "Evil Ted" or "Punished Props" or "Kamui Cosplay" on YouTube

League of Legends - Ezreal (Pulsefire)
It's just being a creep to ask things like that. It's not "just asking" - if there were nothing more to it, there would be no reason to ask or think someone would mind. But it somehow matters to you, which is fine, just keep it to yourself.

I sometimes I shoot women that look nude. Some indeed are, but some are edited or positioned to look that way. It's no one's business other than those at were there in the time.
The little mermaid
You mention 4 point: So that would mean background / key / fill / rim? I don't really see any rim light (which I was expecting to come from the signs). If photographing a scene like this, I would use less fill - it's not really expected at night. Fill becomes the most important in daytime / lighter environments. (Usually I aim for drama and use no fill, so just key + rim -> epii.info/anime/2015/gits-inno… but drama isn't really the goal here.)

Mature Content

Neon Skyline by SuperBoomTurbo
 <-- this feels a lot more realistic, with the sign light clearly lighting her. Though as a photographer, I'd still add a rim light - pretend it's the moon or something to provide more separation from the background. I see you added something that adds a little highlight to the arm, but what about the hair? That usually catches rim light the most.

Path tracing is typically easier on GPUs than ray tracing as I understand - until nvidia's recent advancements. So I'd expect to generally get better speed than ray tracing. (Though you may need many hours for something reasonably noise-free.)
I hear Octane is pretty quick, but Lux/Cycles are more the alternatives I had in mind.

Anyways, nice to see GitS.
Tactical Negotiations (GitS Inspired)
spooky-epiic commented on spooky-epiic's profile
It's from Boogiepop, and I thought it was an interesting name. When I chose the alias ~15 years ago, I had no idea it was also a Prince thing.
This does indeed look raytraced. IRay doesn't do path tracing? This looks like first-hit point lights (the only option 20 years ago) to me rather than full global illumination. If you rely less on point light sources and/or multiply in an ambient occlusion pass from another renderer.
Alternatively, you could add more spot lights - for example there should be a rim of red light on the major from the sign behind her. If you can't get the sign to actually glow due to limits of the renderer, you can add a spot light to add the rim light to the Major.
Similarly, the paper lantern by the ramen shop should be casting some red glow, but it isn't. In renderers like Cycles in Blender, you could put a point light inside and make the material translucent. Or in a simpler renderer, add some weak point lights around it.

Your environment is really cool, but feels a little too CG. With some adjustments to how lighting is processed, a lot of feeling can be added to the scene.
Tactical Negotiations (GitS Inspired)