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No editing, manipulation, commercial, claiming as own, redistributing, or selling. These were all made by me and I appreciate it if you do not claim they are yours. Thanks!


So! Dazzling eyes, eh? Quite dazzling, aren't they? Yes, I know, just dazzling. Okay enough of that. Let me explain some things about the eyes.

Fire: The first eye. I made it fire because it is usually one of the first elements recognized. It is widely popular in movies, fiction, and quite known in astrology. The three fire signs are Ares, Sagittarius, and Leo. Each is very fiery indeed, might I mention. Ahem. To help you focus on the little details and the why; the eyelashes appear, if you looker closely, to be "smoking" and though I didn't add flames like any "sane" person would do, I did add warm colored makeup. The eye color is in fact, Phoenix Red and Gold, not entirely flame nor sunset colored. The eye represents the fire in all of us; our passions, our hatreds, our fury, our darkest and lightest desires and ambitions, and of course, life. Yeah, yeah, "fire destroys, you simpleton." well if you'll notice, we have a big ball of fiery gas we're orbiting around called the sun, and guess what? It sustains life! How about that? But all of those things are both good and bad, and if there's anything I have learned from fire, it's that you must take the good with the bad, there is no way to have one without the other. If you have questions about this eye, just ask!

Snow: Yes, I know, snow technically isn't an element. Well, it is in my book. It may be water, but it is frozen water, therefore it is an element in itself. Yes, that sounds silly, but let's not focus on that. You don't have to look close to see the snowflakes drifting down, and though I wish I'd done a better job on that, I think they look pretty neat, what do you think? Anyways. The skin is extremely pale because, hey wouldn't you be pale if you were made of snow? and yes, that is how I wanted it portrayed. Also, the eyes are not completely white, you see? That's because if you ever find yourself in a cold climate near a river or lake, the water is rarely pure white, and is in fact, tinted blue, though it may look almost black at times. The snow represents our natures we try not to let others see; the cold shoulder or the evil eye, the silent demise plotting, the loneliness, the frigid, stubborn attitude we each have, the defensive walls we put our hearts to keep others away. If you're sitting there, reading over this saying, "Pft, I'm not like that at all," then you're lying to yourself. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE has one of those qualities, even if they don't like it. The trick to rising above those cold and hurtful traits is not to ignore them or hate them, but to accept them as a part of yourself. I'm not saying love them. Just accept that they're there. Hey, you don't think you'll be better off with some relief on your shoulders? Be my guest! Keep locking those things up and see how things turns out. If you have any questions about this eye, just ask!

Metal: Actually, this is an element in many cultures. Different people call it different things; some call it iron, sulfur, gases, shadow, or even mineral. What I'm calling it now is metal, as I believe it fits more than the others. I tried to embrace metallic colors when I first did this eye, I swear I did! But when looking at the dull colors, I didn't think they described metal at all. I felt it was too lifeless, and yeah, metal is lifeless, but the meaning behind it definitely isn't. So, I ended up using gold and purple. Why, you may ask? Because gold can be a metallic color, first of all, and purple is a very strong, good color that balances it out nicely. Yes, and I liked the colors together. Sue me. Now, what does metal mean in a person? Well, take a quick guess. When you think of metal, what appears? For me, the image of machinery, in a factory or a ship, in a forge or a car, pops up. These things all represent the genius in all of us. Ever heard that we only use 10% of our brains? This element, this long dismissed metal, is the other 90%. Some people find a way to use a portion of this "metal" in life, while others remain dormant to it, acknowledging only the main four elements as their true nature. But actually, metal is much more; it is indeed knowledge, but it is also creativity, movement, helping, strength, constancy, and even sympathy. On a darker note, it can also be represented as cruelty, stillness, bitterness, and the worst of all, nothingness. You see why it's so easy to forget as an element? Why would anyone want to know those things, to feel them? Yet we do, even if we don't realize it. Got questions? Ask away, I'm all ears!

Earth: Earth, like Fire, is popular and widely known for many, many things, those Earth has always leaned towards the good, even if it isn't always seen that way at first. The three astrology signs under Earth are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, all three almost as willful as fire. I tried to incorporate earthy colors, and what came to mind of course, was green. Brown did as well, but I just didn't feel that it was the right color here. Green suits Earth much better than brown, though both are sometimes well matched. The skin is ivory with toned rose under the eye, but it might be too pale to notice. The eye is pure green, and the leaves above are grape vine leaves. Why grape vine leaves? Because they are an Earthy plant that is used for many things in life. And yes, the most known is probably because the grapes on the vine supply for wine, but there are other things. In history, their symbolism is stronger than most, therefore it only seemed right to make grape vines the plant. Moving on! Earth is, as you can guess, warmth, in whatever perspective you look at it. And do NOT sit there and go, "Nuh-uh, I know someone under the Earth sign who isn't very nice and warm at all!" Try looking harder and you'll be surprised. Pay attention! Don't just assume. As I was saying. Earth is warmth, but it is also independence, that fuzzy feeling contentment, kindness, generosity, intuition, birth, death, childlike laughter, elderly wisdom, change, possessiveness, and determination. There is also a lot more to the Earth element, but I'll bet you can figure the rest out just by watching someone under that element. If you have any questions about this eye, fee free to ask!

Air: Probably my favorite element. And yes, it's because I was born under it. But that's beside the point. Air is seriously underrated by a lot of people, and I'll tell you why that is; they're just jealous cause they can't be wonderful, air headed people who are on top of the world. Okay so I think a little highly of air people, so? You think more highly of your sign, don't you? (If you don't, I have to ask, ARE YOU A GOOFTARD? DO YOU HAVE A PICKLE IN YOUR EYE OR SOMETHING? BE GLAD YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE!) Ah, anyways... the three astrological Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Before you guys ask about Aquarius, I have to tell you, it is in fact NOT a water sign. Just because it has Aqua in it and has the symbol water bearer does not make it water based. And if you argue with me about this, I will throw a dart at your knee and it will not be pleasant. I used blue and pink because, let's face it, blue and pink hate each other. That's why I used to fight with my sibling when I was little, because I liked blue and she liked pink. And, as you'll see below, Air signs are difficult to decipher because they are both sides of the same coin, so to speak. And yes, the skin texture is frosting. I'd like to see you compete with frosting skin. Onward. Air signs are probably the hardest of all the elements to understand. You see, they are split cups of tea. Neither black or white, color or no color, good or bad, etc. They are, quite literally, all of the above. Mostly, though, they involve the eccentricities of life whether it turns into craziness or creativity, and also excitement and moderate laziness, tenderness and chivalry, sensitivity and coldness, loyalty, honesty and deception, defensiveness and stubbornness, realism and fantasy, rebellious and obedience, logic and defiance, curiosity and ignorance, naivety and alertness, obsession and fear, eccentricity and sanity, love and compassion, and worst of, understanding and judgment. In all honestly, I agree with you when you think, how in the HELL can one person be so..SPLIT? It's not so simple as that though. Most of us air signs don't show but one side of the coin, even to those who they trust and cherish more than anyone. Notice, the Gemini is the "Twins", the Libra is "The Two Scales" and the Aquarius is the "Air sign with a Water Symbol". Two sides, two separate pieces that click together perfectly yet cause chaos in their lives constantly. Ever look at an Air sign person? Look deeper. They're almost always at war with themselves. Questions?! Well, why not just ask?

Water: The FINAL element. Phew. But wait. This one is just as freaking popular as the others. Why, water signs, why? Well. Anyways. The three water signs are, if you hadn't already guessed, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, though not in that order. Well, obviously I picked blue because they're water signs. But wait--RED? You're joking, right? This has to be some setup! I've got news for you, it's not. Ever notice that Water signs are seriously...fiery?! Like, ultimately temper tantrum fiery? Okay, well, not that bad I guess. Aha. (Water signs, no killing! I have a dart! And a pickle!) Anyways, before you ask, the skin is actually a starfish. Yes, a red starfish. I was like 0: too don't worry. (: To continue. Water signs are nearly as hard to see through as air signs, that I know that makes no sense because both air and water are clear. Ironic, huh? Water signs are a lot like fire too, because they're both bad and good, but not entirely so that they're like air in that way. They're also a lot like Earth for their full throttle attitudes and natures. Generally speaking though, the Water element represents inside of us the sensitivity to others, the understanding without knowing, the strength of will alone, the bubbly personalities, the genuine care for another, the pure need for something, the calamity of our tempers, the rebirth of all things good and pure, and the wonder of the unknown. Water is as unique as any of the elements, yet at the same time, one can find all the other elements in it, and this doesn't make it bad or weak. It only makes it, and the person under that sign, stronger. Ask your questions and I'll answer!

eye image: [link]§ion=&q=eye+stock#/d1nq416
grape vine: [link]
gold glitter: [link]
red starfish: [link]
blue icing: [link]

(c) Katy Burdine
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I love the 3rd eye, What element is it?
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In the description, I have it as Metal. ^^

And thank you! <3
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oh... wow.. I like it. You're welcome