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Sam n Max- Clothes Call---Out

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Poor Max! But if it makes him feel any better, he's not the only one who never wears pants.

There's also a grey thief raccoon who wears a blue sweater and boots but no pants. And then you have a speedy blue hedgehog who wears nothing but red sneakers.

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And don't forget the gloves the hedgehog wears.

AgusTheLatinFurry's avatar

Yeah, and the raccoon wears gloves too.

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i feel Max’s pain and discomfort

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For my anthropomorphic characters, including myself, trousers are enough. But I tend to have them wear more than just that.

P. S. We both know a certain bobcat who refuses to wear any trousers. ;)
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Poor Max. On the bright side: the suit actually looks really good.

JeremiahKun-Arts's avatar

Nice Work, Ginger! My Birthday is in 64 days!

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Ok... happy early birthday.

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I don't blame Max for being upset. I prefer his original G-rated naked look ala Bugs Bunny. Perhaps Max can ditch the pants like Bonkers Bobcat.

On a related note: I have the Sam and Max Complete series on DVD. The Geek is my favorite. She's a cute tomboy with a genius level IQ.


i knew i was not the only one to use the term

'in the fluff ' ^^

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These modern rules make no sense whatsoever. :grump:

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Relax, Max, I think those clothes suit you just fine. Besides, did those "modern cartoon rules" say anything about footwear?

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