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:iconspongecat1:Spongecat1 posted a status
I got a Tag from YangaRubyWeissaBlake !
Her questions are:

1): Air or Water inflation?

2): Who is your favourite OC and why?
Spongecat1, Wills Bro and Clockwork

3): What game would you play longer? SSB4 for Wii U or 3DS

I mostly play the Wii U version so... Wii U

4)Regular Air or Floaty helium inflation?
Both, But I mostly do Normal Air

5): Which one of my OCs do you like and why?
Tai Tai and Mai Mai, Because They are cute and funny ^^

6): Which one of my Magical beasts do you like and why?
I don't know...

7): Traditional or Digital Art?
Mostly Digital

8): Touhou or RWBY?
Neither, But I have seen Touhou characters a lot so you could say Touhou

9): What would you do if You met me in real life?

I would say hi :3

10): Dog or cat owner

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