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-I'm honest and truthful. Say anything and I'll say the truth.

-I can get a bit aggressive but that's because when I get annoyed.

-I always try my best to support my friends, favourite artists, just about anyone.

-I don't do Money Commissions (Not because of spending money, Because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my family)
(Actual reasons, No silliness)

Giratina-the-best (A Major Bully who keeps coming back to annoy us but mainly Mushy-Sugar-Chan. Please help support her. He is also known as DJMasterghost and CupheadKingFighter) (And yes, this fucker is back.)

MichaelTanzer1991 (A person who owes Plumpbesity  over £500 and still hasn't paid, now he is on the run and is using Austim as a defence. Please support them in hope of getting their money for they hardwork.)

Home: Alex (Battle) by Spongecat1

Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob (Normal) by Spongecat1

Mushroom Kingdom:Mario SSB4 by Spongecat1

Fazbear Hills: Springtrap by Spongecat1

South Park: Cartman by Spongecat1

Quahog: Glenn Quagmire by Spongecat1

The Workshop: Ink Bendy by Spongecat1

Insanity World: Insanity Alex (Normal) by Spongecat1

-Me cheering him up after the death of his father. Badge tick yes green

-Blueberry Annie being found by Tark in the woods along with him and me Badge tick yes green

-A Zander Smash Clash Card

-Fat Slob ZanderBadge tick yes green 

-Me, WillsBro64 and her teaming up in Phone Destroyer

(Anyone else wanna remind me about their requests? If you do, They will be added here.)

The Bros:

To Spongecat1 by MariascurraHappy birthday WillsBro64 by Mariascurraart request to Spongecat1. by Lopaws


Bros 'till the end! (Everyone on this team attacks the same enemy)

Phone Destroyahs! (SC1 and WB64 summon random South Park characters to attack)

The Sponge and the Rabbit! (CW scares his enemies, allowing 100% chance of Critical Hits and Spongecat1 stuns them)

Forever with me is...! (CW and WB64 uses their ways of Time Traveling to unwind a turn)

The Old but memorable:

SpongeBob (Normal) by Spongecat1Mario by Spongecat1Springtrap by Spongecat1


The Classic's Clash! (SpongeBob does massive splash damage to all enemies followed by Mario shooting fireballs and them, setting them on fire)

Five Nights at Mario's (Mario heats up the field giving Springtrap 50% Attack Speed and 25% Attack Boost)

The Krusty Krab Pizza (SpongeBob and Springtrap sings The Krusty Krab Pizza Song to annoy their enemies! They both get targeted but both regenerate over time)

The Small, The Medium, and The Heavy (Everyone attacks one enemy each, does not skip other allies's turns)

The Big Nosed:

Squidward by Spongecat1Baldi by Spongecat1Villager by Spongecat1


Steaming Mad! (Squidward and Baldi increase their speed by 100%)

The Perfect Boldness (Squidward and Villager heals their team by 35% and giving them regeneration)

The Greenies (Villager tosses a emerald to Baldi and he whacks it like a baseball, doing massive damage to a random enemy)

Stop Nosing Around! (Everyone (except Villager) shouts at everyone, blocking them from using their specials. Villager equips some strong armour to increase his armour

The Orange Box:

Red Heavy by Spongecat1Dr. Freeman by Spongecat1Chell by Spongecat1


Blue and Orange Mix! (Chell shoots her portal up above a random enemy and another one under Freeman, leading with a bonk on the head, Chance to bleed)

AP-ASAP! (Chell calls in Wheatly and Heavy calls in Spy to combine their powers! Wheatly turns into a AP-SAP and Spy uses it to disable one enemy)

Shotgun Supreme! (Heavy and Freeman bring out their shotguns to do heavy damage on the closest enemies)

Bye-Bye, Episode 3. (The Heavy throws a random enemy at Chell, She shoots portal leading to Freeman holding his RPG, He shoots 3, the third one finishing them off)

Adventurous Animals

Rabbid by Spongecat1Mr. Fox by Spongecat1The Cat in the Hat (Books) by Spongecat1


The Rabbid in the Hat Trick! (The Rabbid hops inside the Cat's Hat and it come sout with Thing 1 and Thing 2 attacking all enemies with rapid damage for 5 seconds)

The Dumb and The Crafty (Mr. Fox gives Rabbid a bandit hat to put on, letting him steal a random item from a enemy, 1/10 chance to get a bandit hat with stars on, letting Rabbid steal from all enemies twice!)

The Most Stylish Animals (Mr. Fox digs a tunnel for the Cat to jump in and as Mr. Fox exits through the other side, The Cat jumps out with his unbrella turning it into a hammer to do medium damage to one enemy and weak damage to surronding enemies)

"Rabbid" Foxes and Cats (As Mr.. Fox digs a tunnel, Rabbid jumps in The Cat's Hat and then goes in the tunnel, When Mr. Fox exits the tunnel, The Cat shoots up above the enemies, pulling the Rabbid out of his hat allowing him to scream "BWAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" at the enemies, blocking them from using their specials)


-Choose any place you want them fighting at.

-Don't choose who should win or not, It ruins the fun.

-Can put characters in during the fight.

-Weapons they might be using.
(For some violence, choose melee weapons)
If you have any questions, Note me or comment below.

Have fun and remember...

The Bird's the word.

embedded_item1530165455993 by Spongecat1
-Offensive Fake Deviants


-A Person continuing something when the another is trying to stop it before it gets worse

-Name calling

-Inappropriate art involving something to do with me showing I'm bad when I'm trying to do better

-Others taking their stress out on me

Deviantart has enough stress as it is.

Let's change that by being Tolerant to others.
Vanoss: Spongecat1

H20 Deilrious: pvzfan26

Wildcat: TheGoldenHat1

Miniladd: WillsBro64

Terroriser: LuigiHorror64

Lui: RealKennon42

Basically: Missingno-54

Nogla: Luigiamaro19234

Jiggly: kingamegamegame12

OhmWrecker: BellyQueenSupreme

407: DaltonOnTheSpot
-You were hanging out with Susie-Flare when you saw (A P-Balloon/a Air Tank/a Pond/Mega Mushroom/A Restaurant/Eating Competition)

-You were a big round ball of helium floating upwards to the kingdom of Balloons and encountered Princess Balloona

-Spongecat1 challenges you to a fight and if you win, You will get a Golden Smash Wristband
Fatty-Flu: Sneezing makes you fatter and chubbier.

Pooka-Pox: Turns victim into a human pooka.

Puff-Flu: Sneezing makes you fill up with air.
Brothers: TheGoldenHat1 Lolasaur13 LuigiHorror64 

Sisters: Ms-Chemi BellyQueenSupreme 

Moms: Psycho--Phantom 

Dads: MegaKnight-clash 

Grandpa: Luigiamaro19234 


Cousin: DarthBooty1995 

Pet: FabulousThornyDevil 
1: Fav before commenting (If your my friend, I will allow it, Anyone who comments hateful words on my stuff will be blocked.)

2: Yes, Most of the stuff can be cringe, But there's no point of commenting or making a big deal out of it, So you don't like it, Leave it and look at something else to get your mind off it.

3: Do NOT mention Deviantcringe's video that is about me. Not even the link.

4: All stuff I do is for fun, being creative and making people pleased.

5: I always pay for commissions so if you can give me a "3 day warning"  I'll appreciate it.
Spongecat1's Icon by KatiAmel C: Alex inflated by Mushy-Sugar-ChanAlex (Fractured But Whole)  by Spongecat1 Spongecat1 & Alex/Game-Boy: 30.8.XX
Wills Bro. FULL SCALE by WillsBro64 Wills Bro: 29.3.XX
[OC-R/U]: Susie-Flare V.2 by Spongecat1 [OC-R/U]: Susie-Dare V.2 by Spongecat1Susie-Flare/Dare: 21.7.XX
[OC-R/U]: Alex-Slime V.3 by Spongecat120.8.XX
[D-OC]: Officer Heavy by Spongecat15.12.XX 



WillsBro64 for and character pic (Not my OC, It's his. Just put him in the list cuz... friends :3)
Mushy-Sugar-Chan for Inflated Alex Pic
KatiAmel for the Spongecat1 Icon/Pic
The Bros:Spongecat1's Icon by KatiAmelCOFFEE!!! by WillsBro64art request to Spongecat1. by Lopaws

Spongecat1: [link]
Wills Bro.: [link]

Susie Dare inflation: Flare's revenge by LuigiHorror64

Susie-Flare: [link]

[D]: Eve sings a song by Spongecat1


[OC-R/U]: Alex-Slime V.3 by Spongecat1

Young Alex-Slime: [link]    Alex-Slime: [link]

Amy: [link]

Father Squarepants: [link]


Skye: [link]

Freddie: [link]

Philip: [link]

Spikey: [link]

Alex (Mii): [link]

Dad (Mii): [link]

Mum (Mii): [link]

Lozzie (Mii): [link]

Balloona: [link]

Subspacecat1: [link]

Beth: [link]

Susie-Dare: [link]

The Corrupted/Corrupted Characters: Their theme but slowed down

Pinky: ???

Mons-Bob: [link]

Rebecca: [link]

Officer Heavy: [link]

Game-Boy: [link]
-I will never EVER quit Deviantart
-I am always happy to talk
-I don't like getting offended for the way I am (Especially my SpongeBob OC)
-I am allowed to make whatever I want
These are all of the people who took the king on... and failed, knowing they got their butts kick!

1: coolmario832

2: voreguy529

3: Vethesian

4: Wills Bro.

5: Inflat-a-Toad 

6: MysticD (Due to Points)

7: YangaRubyWeissaBlake (Joined match with me and MysticD )

Who's next?
Mains: Luigi Taunt Emoticon Iggy Koopa EmoteSuper Smash Bros 3DS - Mario Icon Mr game and watch banana :duckhuntflyaway: Donkey Kong is now with you sonic gif 

The Challengers by Spongecat1
Not beaten yet: BellyQueenSupreme ZombieMassie (Due to Smash RP)

The Bros:
C: All of the Bros by Mushy-Sugar-ChanThe Wills Bro. by DaltonOnTheSpot

Spongecat1: [link]
Wills Bro.:[link]

Air-Bellied Susie by TRC-TooniversitySusie Flare (digital version) by ARegularBlueSlime[OC-R/U]: Susie-Flare V.2 by Spongecat1

Susie-Flare: [link]

Young Alex-Slime by Spongecat1New OC: Alex by Spongecat1

Young Alex-Slime: [link]    Alex-Slime: [link]
New Character: Amy the Fat and Hugglable Cat Girl by Spongecat1

Amy: [link]

Christmas Icon by Spongecat1
Father Squarepants: [link]
New Character: Alex by Spongecat1


Skye by Spongecat1

Skye: [link]

Freddie: [link]

Philip: [link]
A Wanted Poster by Spongecat1
Spikey: [link]

Mii: Alex by Spongecat1
Alex (Mii): [link]
Mii: Dad by Spongecat1
Dad (Mii): [link]
Mii: Mum by Spongecat1
Mum (Mii): [link]
Mii: Lozzie/Lauren  by Spongecat1
Lozzie (Mii): [link]
Princess Balloona and A Balloonian by Lolasaur13
Balloona: [link]

Sponegcat1's Counterpart: Subspacecat1 by Spongecat1 Sponge, King, Subspace Arm-band? by Spongecat1
Subspacecat1: [link]

Beth: [link]

[OC-R/U]: Susie-Dare V.2 by Spongecat1

Susie-Dare: [link]

Corrupted Mario by Spongecat1
The Corrupted/Corrupted Characters: Their theme but slowed down

Pinky: ???

Mons-Bob by Spongecat1
Mons-Bob: [link]

Rebecca and Mini Cam by Lolasaur13
Rebecca: [link]

Officer Heavy (RED) by Spongecat1Officer Heavy (BLU) by Spongecat1
Officer Heavy: [link]

Game-Boy by Spongecat1
Game-Boy: [link]
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