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Swords of The Legend of Zelda V3



EDIT: Version 3

Added swords from Skyward Sword

rearranged items to fit better on page

fixed The spelling of Ordon sword

Version 2
I fixed the spelling error "Don't steal my name!" on Geekologie so "nicely" pointed out for me and added the 25th anniversary logo
Changed some of the text around Got rid of the Ancient Hylian font added a couple of other swords

This is a graphic I decided to make of the swords of Legend of Zelda

This is my no means meant to be a complete guide
First I would like to thank Zelda Wiki [link] I found the pictures and information very helpful If I am missing someone and you feel credit is deceived
please email me at brianrommeldesigns@gmail.com
I do not own the Legend of Zelda
and it is the The property of Nintendo and their respected trademark holders.

I had a difficult time deciding how the swords should be categorized
Again thanks to Zelda Wiki for helping me decide

I decided to not include The Minish Cap white sword because it is a completely different sword than the others and is a predecessor to the four sword

I included swords In which I could find Images for
If you feel I'm leaving something out or know of images for swords that I didn't include please let me know. I'm always looking to improve.

Almost decided to put minor enemy swords such as darknut's sword and and moblin spear but decided not to.

Combined noble sword from the Oracle games with the white sword because the japanese version names it the white sword plus I could not find any good images of the noble sword

I created my own version of the "Link's Awakening" logo because the original looks like The "Link to the Past" logo
Feedback is encouraged
Please constructive criticism only

Please feel free to share on other sites
Please give me credit
Please download to view full

Sorry NO PRINTS this work contains copy written material
and I don't want to tread on any copy writes

Featured on Geekologie [link]
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almost thought there was only one sword in the legend of zelda until i did more digging, dunno if this is supposed to be size accurate but sword variant 3 is (most likely) supposed to be the same size as the rest, but it's diagonal so i'm not sure.