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Natalie the teddy bear girl

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Birthday: June 14

Natalie was originally a large brown teddy bear gifted to her owner for their 5th birthday. Twenty years later, on her owner's 25th birthday, a mysterious magical event caused her to be transformed from a teddy bear to her current state.

Natalie normally stands 4'8" (142 cm) tall and due to her magical origins only weighs around 30 lbs (14 kg). Her whole body is soft and squishy like a plush and she has the ability to shift her height and proportions, similar to a plush being squished or stretched. This allows her to shift anywhere between 3 feet (92 cm) and 5 feet (152 cm) tall, as well as vary her proportions between very minimal and rather extreme sizes.

Natalie's teddy bear onesie was created along with her and has magical properties. In addition to being highly resistant to damage and becoming dirty, when worn it will automatically resize itself to fit the body of the wearer, allowing it to always fit Natalie.

Natalie has no concept of personal space, attempting to hug anyone and everyone. She still has a strong attachment to her original owner, frequently attempting to get physically close to them, especially when they are sleeping. Only intention of physical contact is to comfort, no sexual intent. She is generally very absent-minded and excitable, having "fluff for brains", and thinks of most things in simple terms. However, upon seeing someone in emotional distress, she temporarily becomes intensely focused on caring for that person and displays a seasoned psychiatrist's level of expertise and psychological knowledge of how to handle them.

Art was drawn for me by :iconbeepunz:
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