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Everybody's making Pony desktop Icons, but nothing really good for IE. So, here she is. I think I'll cal her Ivy (IvE).

Everybody loves to hate her, but it doesn't phase her too much. She'll be friends with everyone's Grandma while they stumble haphazardly through the internet wilderness, and politely take all the blame instead of accusing users of making mistakes. And then she'll reveal a new side of herself (IE 10) and tablet owners will embrace her with open arms.

First Vector of mine, done by pen on my recently purchased Fujitsu T901 laptop convertible. Forget a Cintiq, this thing is AWESOME. And IE 10 is fabulous on it.

EDIT: Changed the hair, added the ear I forgot, and changed her color because dark just doesn't seen to work on anyone except Luna. Still debating whether the perspective I attempted to draw her at warrants a cutie mark or not.

EDIT 2: It was pointed out that I missed her nostril and was lazy on making the eyes, so now they're a bit better.

EDIT 3: Cropped it so it could be an actual icon.

EDIT 4: Quickly added a Cutie MArk, even though I'm still not sure how it should look at the angle she's at, if it's visible at all. It's the Windows Betta Fish, because IE 10 is still beta.
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Do one for Microsoft Edge. I saw a computer drawing of her eating a bowl of RAM somewhere online a while back, but I want to see your take on it, too.
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DanielML123Student Artist
How internet explorer got the circle around it XD
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Ploverpaw56Student Photographer
Hexcellent design Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap 
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That's so cool!
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I personally prefer the derpy IE pony due to my opinion on IE, but this is also amazing. =D Good job!!!
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I knew there was a reason I prefer using IE over the others, and this made it even better.
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max301Hobbyist Digital Artist

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Love it, and as a programmer I love that you're judging IE by its current merits, not its past reputation. IE10 is definitely a big leap forward.
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist


Microsoft has definitely made a great effort to make it developer friendly. :nod:

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AlicornBobStudent General Artist
I don't judge it by past reputation, or even my own experience. I've just grown up (as an internet user) using Firefox. Firefox is all I know.

Anyone know where I can find a firefox icon that uses Incendia from the fanfic Antipodes?
"Needs more pony"
"I prefer the term 'completely insane', thank you..."
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That isn't what bothers me. What irks me is when someone says "X piece of software sucks" because they think saying that is somehow cool. There are clear reasons why the older versions of IE were terrible, but when someone passes judgment on the new versions of the browser without actual reasons, they basically slap several hundred people in the face and tell them their work is worthless.

There's a team of developers behind every piece of software you use on your computer, and people seem to forget that we're people too. We do see when you insult our work, and it does hurt.
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AlicornBobStudent General Artist
I hadn't even thought about it that way... Now I feel bad for not realizing that...

And that brings up the same topic with everything else. People say things suck all the time, and don't realize that they are making that comment about something someone has put a lot of time and effort into. It's really not right to say such things in any instance... even when someone may not actually be good at something.

Also, there was one thing about IE 9 that I did kinda like. I was able to pull certain files directly off the web page without having to dig through a whole bunch of html. Of course, that wasn't enough for me to keep using it. Hopefully when IE 10 is standard, I can give it a try.

What bothers me about web browsers, though, is that they aren't as customizable overall as I would like. If only I could customize my browser as much as I can customize my desktop...
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WhatsapokemonHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree. HTML 5 compliance ftw!
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I like the drawing and would use it for my icon if I used IE, but why is she s blank flank?
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SpokestheBronyStudent Photographer
I was unsure the perspective allowed it to be visible. I intended the pose to have her rear legs/hindquarters in the straight-on view, and then using her right leg to turn her front almost 90 degrees to her left. In that case, it wouldn't have been visible. But since I'm not actually an artist, I missed that mark, so to speak. I thought about adding it in when I finished, but decided it would have been such as oblique angle that it wasn't that big a deal. Ha, got that wrong, too.

I should probably go add a mark sometime. In my mind, it would be a '10', because I think IE 10 will finally find its niche on tablets/laptop convertibles.
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khyperiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I do think that IE is making a comeback, no longer sucking terribly with ie10. It has a lot of work to do on the respect side of things, though, but it can't do much about that.
Nice vector.
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SpokestheBronyStudent Photographer
People just love to hate it. IE 10 was very good (on the user side of things at least) using a touch interface. If Chrome doesn't come up with a good touch interface extension by the time Windows 8 comes out, I'll be using IE 10.
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DerpyDonlandHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful idea! Although I don't have IE I wish I did just for this icon :3
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SpokestheBronyStudent Photographer
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IE may suck, but your drawing does not. Nice work.
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SpokestheBronyStudent Photographer
Thank you!
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