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Past Sins: Once A Crusader P10

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For all to read!

Past Sins and Nyx (c) :iconpenstrokepony:
MLPFIM (c) Hasbro, :iconfyre-flye:
In honor of :iconrussiankolz: because he made a very awesome fancomic after the facts of this story
but he sadly left DA or changed his account

Oh no! We've been found out!!!

Also, I know the story says that Nyx just heard tiny voices whispering but I liked to add some small dialogue there xD

Oh and: I. AM. A. DIRTY. TRACER. (Not that people will care)

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<<Chapter 6
<<Chapter 7
<<Chapter 8
<<Chapter 9
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<<Chapter 11
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<<Chapter 13

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EstevanOlvera13's avatar
Nightmare Moon can break the 4th wall.
EstevanOlvera13's avatar
The part where NM is looking straight at us.
AmagyDragon25's avatar
SpokenMind93's avatar
Stuntpony's avatar
"I am SO not amused" face. The one where she tries to listen in. X))
HauntedAlexander's avatar
Perplash's avatar
Nice job on this.
karkovice1's avatar
Panel 6: Nothin' like a Ceasar's salad with a sprinkle of daisies! :D

Panel 7: AND a good helping of spinach puree soup. =P

Panel 9: Nice to see she shares her mother's love of reading books. :)

Panel 11: OH SH*T! 0_0

Next to last panel: :iconnightmaremoonplz: :iconsays3plz: WHO DARES DISTURB MY LUNCH!!?

Last panel: :iconsweetiebelleplz: :iconapplebloomplz: :iconscootalooplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh… hi Nyx??? *SQUEE*
karkovice1's avatar
I guess you can add...

:iconnightmaremoonplz: :iconsays3plz: You three??? YOU DARE TO EAT MY ROYAL DESSERT SELECTION!!? YOU WILL HANG FOR THIS!!!
COMMANDER9's avatar
And cliff-hanger.....Until next page.
SpokenMind93's avatar
I always like to put in a bit of a cliffhanger in my pages ^^
ardashir's avatar
Oh the poor CMC. At least they had a nice last meal before Nyx incinerates them for eating her dessert. :rofl:
BB-K's avatar
We're compromised! Make a run for it!
It's your favorite dessert: Old friends, prepared raw.
BBBHuey's avatar
Nightmare Moon grin "Note to self: FIRE THAT CHEF!"
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Storm-ChaserMLP's avatar
That look she's making in panel  (I think?) gets to me. XD The look of "You fuckin' serious?"
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Cool and calm he is.
tigreanpony's avatar
That was good, you are so doing this comic well.
eliander's avatar
How dare you you didn't even save one for your friend the Queen of the Night.
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