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Past Sins: All Hail The Queen P16

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For all to read!

Past Sins and Nyx (c) :iconpenstrokepony:
MLPFIM (c) Hasbro, :iconfyre-flye:
In honor of :iconrussiankolz: because he made a very awesome fancomic after the facts of this story
but he sadly left DA or changed his account

Throne room assets by :iconmagister39:

You know that feeling when you make something truly awesome but then come to conclusion that you won't ever have to use it again after this picture?

Yeah, I had that with Luna's "angry eyes", I finally found something that looked cool and then realized I don't need to use it anymore after this xD

<<Chapter 1
<<Chapter 2
<<Chapter 3
<<Chapter 4
<<Chapter 5
<<Chapter 6
<<Chapter 7
<<Chapter 8
<<Chapter 9
<<Chapter 10
<<Chapter 11
<<Chapter 12

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Finally! It's Jekyll vs Hyde! The long-awaited confrontation:…
>8/... bet she has weave anyways. Pull it out for Tia, Lulu...
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So she wants Celestia dead.

Yep. You do not remember at all a time when you wanted to hang out with your friends and learn stuff and make Twilight proud of you. That definitely never happened so far as you can recall.
Artyunris's avatar
luna is pirate this is now cannon
SpokenMind93's avatar
Scimitars =/= pirate swords
ChronoTheChangeling's avatar
It looks like both of them are about to cry the whole time. I can't tell their emotions with the arc through their eyes.
SpokenMind93's avatar
You mean the shine?
ChronoTheChangeling's avatar
Yeah. It makes me think that they have tears in their eyes even though I know that's not what it is. It's just what I see.
SpokenMind93's avatar
But tears would be on the bottom of their eyes, not in the pupil.
ChronoTheChangeling's avatar
Well the way I see it is that there is so much that it fills up their eyes that much. Like when you have so many tears you can't see strait.
SpokenMind93's avatar
You're the first and only one that's complaining of that, so I won't change it.
ChronoTheChangeling's avatar
I'm not complaining really just stating my own interpretation on it. If that is how I came across then I'm sorry I like your art.
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Joy Cheerleader :excited: mini excited  :excited:   Yeah  Yeah Yeah Yeah :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz: :dummybounceplz:  FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  darn it, now i have to endure another thousand years 'till he next one is uploadedWHY? WHY? WHY?:silentcry: - Emote 7 of 30 + PLZ :silentcry: - Emote 7 of 30 + PLZ Jumping Jumping      
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"Once she has known that, her life is forfeit."

Might as well let her side in that nuclear fusion oven. :P

Luna's gonna fight with a scimitar!!? NICE! :D
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This is looking good.
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Secondhand Lions reference
PrincessTwilight54's avatar
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Luna double wields. Yay!
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Hey, SaturnStar. So glad to see that the comics are still coming! Looks like you're doing a fantastic job.

I've got a present for everyone. I've (finally) decided to upload the video for chapter twelve of the audio comics. Let me know if you think everything synced properly. Some of your panels were a little difficult to decide on.

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*ding ding* round two everyone!! LETS GET READY TO RUUUUMMMBBBBLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh this is awesome.
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