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She walks around them, she eats, sleeps, and lives around them. Though she isn't one of them...The dead. She longs to hear a noise that seams to only belong to her. Thu thump it went. If only she could personally hear it. Thu thump, thu thump. Only if there was someone like her. Someone...someone with a heart. A heart that beats the everlasting blood through their body. Thu thump...thu thump...thu thump. Was it getting closer? The boy praying at a tomb stone. Is it coming from him? Thu thump...thu thump...thu thump...thu thump. She walks up to the poor boy and see the markings on his arms. The boy is ashamed and covers his face. She moves them away and wraps hers around his waist. And the boy notices the scars on her arms. "I see you draw too." The girl shushed him as she presses her ear to his chest. Thu thump, thu thump. It was clearly not in her head. She was happy that the boy wasn't dead. His heart so calm, innocent, and sweet. It was like they were destined to meet. They stood there for hours the boy in silence and the girl in awe. She had finally found someone alive and breathing, as his chest rose it will fall. The girl smiled. She found another like her...with a heartbeat...Thu thump...thu thump...thu thump...she had found a heart after all.

Love Heart Beat Medical Line
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    August 20, 2014