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Dj Pon3 drawing: maocha

Wub Wub Wub!

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DO you have a version that has just the "WUB" words removed, but the rest is the same?
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Noice! Thank you very much.
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So awesome!
I love this! <3
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This is now my wallpaper. Cheers! 
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The wub is drawing me in….
Splash, ripple, color spin, and angle effects? + Ponies? Not bad I like it!
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Anything + Ponies is good.
And thanks :3
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Heyyyy that's pretty goood
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Now this some quality stuff! 

My first impression for this is the way you play with the gradients. Going from dark to light, the colors blend in together perfectly with the overall work, combining with the grunge textures you put on the picture, i can say, quite a creative move with the dispersion! 
You must have put so much effort on the plexus (ya, i've seen your video on twitter). My suggestion is that you should try making them in Illustrator, it's way faster and easier and of course, a better outcome (as the line tool in PTS can be a little bit blurry sometimes, specially when you work in minor details).

However, there is two things that i find to be a little bit dull. First, the text is too simple for the general picture. I mean, it's a wallpaper about "wub," "rave" and "music." So the text should be used in some.... digitalized fonts. Try replacing the original text with some music or digital-related fonts, your wallpaper quality will significantly improved. Secondly, the background is quite lack of detail in my opinion, it should be covered with some light grunge texture, however, this isn't a major problem. 

You really have some unique styles that really made me amazed sometimes. So... yeah, i'm looking forward to see more of your unique style expressed as pictures! 

(Ya, i suppose this is a critique. Let me know if it's fair or not x3)
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Wow that's a novel :D
Thanks for the ideas 
And yes it was quite fair
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