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Mimi, one of Count Bleck's loyal minions and probably the cutest of the bunch. But almost as sinister as Dimentio.

It is rumored that she's a failed Pixl, possibly even the first Pixl ever created, which had revolted against the Tribe of Ancients. Unlikely, however, as she is somewhat childish and fun-loving and does not show any desire to take over the world. Others say she's the unintended creation of a witch who was researching potions that would allow shape shifting.

Mimi has a large number of powers. The most well known are her shape shifting abilities and the invincibility that Count Bleck gave her. She has numerous powers that involve her beloved Rubees and can also transform into a spider-like form.

Birthday: May 5th
Childhood Nickname: "Odd Porpoise"
Favorite Show: Super Ultra Goomba Bros.
Favorite Food: Tangerines
Likes: Dimentio, fashion, gems, friends, smell of old cheese, "cutie pies" (boys), and demons
Dislikes: Darkness, others reading in her diary, and people treating her like a child
•·.·•·.·•·.·•·.·•·.·•·.·•·.·•·.· ~Dear Diary, I think I finally found an idea to help Blecky! We need more bad guys! Yeah! If I can find more evil people, we could all work together to complete the Count's plan! I'm such a genius! Nassy will be proud! So, I already talked to King Bowser about this and he TOTALLY agrees! Just like I knew he would. Heeheehee...Now, I need to find others. Well, I hear the Shadow Queen is still around and her dragons. Maybe I'll go see her next. Oh Dimentio...If only you were still alive and
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l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l|l|'l| ~Dear Diary, Castle Bleck is only getting gloomier and gloomier. Cutie-pie Count has been quiet and lonely for quite a while now. I wish I knew what to do for him. But I feel like I would only make things worse. I don't wanna annoy him or anything... When he's sad, everyone's sad. O'Chunks and I had an...interesting conversation the other day. We were wondering what would Dimentio do...if he was still alive. Heh..Crazy, huh? Like we ever want to see HIS stupid face again. He would only cause more trouble. Or maybe...Hmm..What if he was able to help Blecky? Like..give him ideas or something? He
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▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ~Dear Diary, Things have gotten real quiet lately eversince we rescued Nassy and defeated Bonechill. It's like...day after day, I get more and more bored here. Don't get me wrong. I love spending time with my cutie-pie, Dimentio.♥ But sometimes..I just wish for more adventure. I don't want to be kooped up in my home all day! I want to go out! Fight! Be with friends! That sort of thing. I already miss Nassy and Bally and Blecky and Tippi and Tybalt and Basil and Kuris...I just wish we could
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Hey, Mimi! :w00t: What do you think of the MimiXFawful pairing? ;)
Happy Birthday, Mimi!!! :party:
Lol when I first saw Mimi, I found her cute, but then when she started to twist her head and become a spider-like thing, I was all like "RUN! :iconohshitplz:"
:iconukraineplz: // I miss peoples... //

CTRL ATL DEL! :icongwahplz: *burrows underground*

(( o3o yeah...))