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FMA Muses: Al and Ed

By Splounge
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The figurine of straddle!Al has inspired some dirty, dirty fanart, but I have the feeling that the characters themselves (and Arakawa-sensei) are not happy at all. And so, in Equivalent Exchange for their torture, the FMA-figurine muses will be allowed to speak their minds...

So now that the show and movie are finished, the Elrics are out of a job. Here is Al, ever the responsible brother, bravely selling himself to Elricest fanart. But Ed is still unemployed! What kind of work will a bishie pipsqueak find in the cold, cruel world?

Next parts are Roy & Ed and Envy & Ed. If this stays fun after that, I'll run out and buy a plastic Hughes and Havoc, and let Roy get his face time.
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lols that's ser funny
AmerillaRose's avatar
I can't stop laughing! :rofl:
MidnaSpottedTalon's avatar
wow this one is funny to XD
Mikano-Zirake's avatar
You are mean to my Aru-kun. (pulls out blaster) Say you're sorry RIGHT NOW.
1MonElisa1's avatar
:rofl: this was the best photographed fan comic xDDDDD
Orion117's avatar
That's hysterical and adorable. I hope your finger has healed. Heh.
Splounge's avatar
The finger-chopping is Equivalent Exchange for torturing Ed...I feel sorry for the antics we put the poor boys through. :giggle:
weirdoOnWhiteBread's avatar
Lmfao! He knows he loves it, why make such a scene? ^_^
Splounge's avatar
Ed's such a little prude of a bean, the poor boy :laughing:
weirdoOnWhiteBread's avatar
Yup, he is. Lol! He needs help getting that big stick out of his butt XD
Splounge's avatar
Hee...(either get the stick out or stick it in further) *pervperv*
weirdoOnWhiteBread's avatar
Lol! *harder!* Oh nooooo! I'm becoming a perv too!
Reikanishy's avatar
Wai! *Fangirl spasms*

Yoos Ares. Mys. News. GOD!

*Tackle glomps the sexy picture. X_+
Splounge's avatar

...ahem, sorry.

You're too kind, I'm blushing! :blush:

I'm thinking about fixing up the pic and posting it. Interested?
Plus I still have that pic inspired by your wall of chained Als. It keeps fighting me though, Al doesn't look tortured enough :disbelief:
Reikanishy's avatar
These days blood and scratches are an understated medium. Have ghoulies trying to invade Al's soul! Be body blasted by chainsleading from a Gate, forthwith an Ed with whip looking on in aroused horror! Pervberting those two is just so gosh darned easy, all you need is a quick glance at a Loveless scan and play some Celine Dion, you're set. Mostd efinetly put you in the mood to draw a tortured expression. XD

But nevertheless, I eagerly await any sign, nay, *whisper* of a bound Al, and when I do, my little herat will pitter patter, pitter patter, and shall forever belong to you. X3

But seriously, yummy, yummy lemons await she who draws, for hot elricesty *private* 'read-once-only' action ficcies are on standby and awaiting deployment. \n-n/ Yay for pressies!
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...Oh my lord, have you invaded my brainwaves?!?! *scared* That's exactly what I was drawing! ...Almost. Al's being bound and tentacle-raped by the Gate's many hands while a de-automailed, nude Ed clings and gropes for his dear little brother's body. Yet it still feels those two aren't tortured enough, so I might just take on your advice and put on Celine. Don't blame me if she pushes me into a murderous rage and instead draw necrophilia!elricest. (O shit, that would be HAWT.)

The promise of steamy lemons is incentive enough for to move it and get working. I shall be on the ready to receive the forbidden fruit~!
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*giggles helplessly*
Splounge's avatar
*pats your back*
Have some water :coffeecup:
Grassangel's avatar
But I'll only snort it through my nose!
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That was funny.. omg....
Splounge's avatar
Ah~ thank you! (I love your work) :love:
Hikaru9's avatar
*blushes* Thank you!
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that is the best thing EVAR!
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