Pregnant Cooking

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Kate was working in the kitchen mixing together an unusual list if ingredients that she got of the paper next to her. “I hope this recipe does work or it’s going to be a waste of supplies.” she thought to herself. She wanted it to work because if it did she would get to be pregnant. Or at least look like it.

Earlier that day, Kate was walking through a town after doing her grocery shopping. Has she walked she noticed lots of women that were round in the abdominal area. To be honest she was jealous at them because they were pregnant and they got to have big bellies from it. She wanted to become pregnant to, but it would take to long to find a guy. She wanted it now.

When she got home she got on her computer and looked for alternate ways to become pregnant. After hours of surfing the net and several hand cramps, she found a site that showed a cooking recipe that creates a false pregnancy. “Well, false or not it’s worth a shot.” she said. With that she printed out the page and went to the kitchen to prepare the recipe.

Following the recipe closely Kate prepared a doughy substance in a 24 oz. bowl which she stirred thoroughly. She did the next step which was to roll the dough into 4 oz. balls and bake them in the oven. Doing that, she got the dough balls cooking in the oven. She was required to wait 2 hours for them to fully cook. She cleaned up during the wait hoping it would work.

After the dough balls were done baking, Kate removed them and placed then in a bowl for holding food. She took the bowl and the recipe to her room and stood in front of her mirror to see her whole body. She looked that the recipe for instructions on consumption. “Let’s see. One ball gives me a belly that looks nine months pregnant.” she read to herself.

Kate looks at the bowl on her bed. “That means I have six uses before I’m out. She takes out a pill from the bowl and pops it into her mouth. She chews it and finds that it actually tastes pretty good despite the ingredients used. She stares at her belly in the mirror to find no change at all. She waits a few minutes and feels a warm feeling in her belly.

Kate’s belly starts expanding slowing until it looks nine months pregnant with a single child. She pulls up her shirt and feels her belly, excited that the recipe works. She fills a bump that felt like a kick. The recipe said that the dough balls will create a reaction that is similar to the effect of kicking which makes it feel like a real pregnant belly. “This is great. I’m pregnant. I should show my friends this and have them join in the fun.” she says to herself. “But, I want my belly bigger.” She looks at the bowl and without a second thought swallows the other five pills.

Kate watches eagerly as her belly continues growing bigger. It was exciting, but it soon became too heavy for her to support and she fell on the ground as her legs collapsed. Her belly kept growing and the strain of it stretching was starting hurt her. She held onto her belly while in pain as it grew to look pregnant with 6 babies.

But, it kept growing past that point hurting Kate more. “What’s happening to me? Why won’t it stop? I didn’t want it to be this big.” she cried in pain. She reaches her arm to the bed and manages to grab the recipe and looks at it. The recipe says that the balls should be taken once during a 24 hour period. If more than one ball is taken the time and amount will double.

Kate stared in shock at the recipe. Since she took 6 balls it would mean she would look pregnant with 12 babies for 6 days. “No, it’s too much!” she cried while her belly was still growing. When it finally stops growing it was the size of a beach ball. “No way, It’s way to big.” she cries.

Kate poked at it in disbelieve. She wanted to have a normal pregnant belly, but instead she got this. It was more than she wanted to have. If she read the recipe thoroughly before hand she wouldn’t have this problem. She tries to get up, but is unable to move because of her belly weighing her down. She couldn’t even drag herself across the floor. “Great, I’m going to be stuck like this for 6 days.” she says to her. Maybe next time she will thoroughly read the instructions before doing something.
This is a story for Ty22. It involves his character Kate getting pregnant through a cooking recipe. Hope you like it!
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Wow, I was expecting her belly to get 3 times the size of a beach ball ! Cool story  though !
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Short sweet and right to the point. Nicely done.
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How awesome would it be if i banged her like that?
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I'd love to see a part two or at least another similar story of another girl who somehow gets her hands on the recipe.
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i louvee pregnant girls (turn on)
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A good clean one with a leason, don't be gloutoneous on preggy balls.....read the siggy and rock on please.
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Kate: *teary eyed* ....hi....
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Me: What's wrong?
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Kate: *sobbing lightly* I made this balls that make the consumer look pregnant. I took too many and now my belly is too heavy for me to move. I'm stuck like this for six days.
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Me: Oh, poor thing. *Goes over and rubs her belly* Want me to stay here with you and rub your belly?
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Kate: *calms down a little* That would be nice. I'll like you to help me do stuff too since I can't move from here. Is that okay?
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Kate: *smiles a little* Thank's. I'm a little hungry. Could you get me some food please?
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NIce story with moral :)
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Awesome job!! Kate needs to read instructions better. =P
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Glad you like it.
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Once again a great story,. Job well done. =)
I hope Ty22 likes it too.
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