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YGO!manga was one of my secret pleasures growing up. The Anzu/Kaiba pairing was sort of my crack and I had no idea why I liked it, considering I didn't even like Kaiba. But strange things have a way of endearing itself to you.

I had a terrible time with the suite. Drove me crazy and still does.
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Damn is it just me or is it HOT :)
That is so hot.I love it. Anzu looks beautiful and Seto looks hot.=p
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one word for u... HOT!
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AWW I love it <3
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This is a very lovely picture.

The tie nomming is so cute, and I like that you've given them both hair that looks like someone could stroke it - very awesome.
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thanks for letting us display this pic in our group and for joining! :D
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No problem, thanks for asking me to join. :3
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I love this picture and this pairing *___________*
In the YGO R Manga and the japanese Anime is Azureshipping a hint ;)

Awww, i love it♥
This picture is soo sweet and beautiful
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holy crap that's amazing!!
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Oh, lovely. I really like this!

I have to admit... I still ship them. XP
i love anzus look :D
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Don't worry azureshipping was my crack too =3
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