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Thank you to seahorsepip [link] dolsiwa [link] and dg09 [link] for giving me the idea to try my hand at mimicking Finder with Nautilus-elementary.

What you see in the preview is a screenshot of my mod of nautilus, with working nav buttons (with hover and pressed effects) and a themed ViewModeButton.

As this is just the alpha of a suite I'm aiming to release in its final condition by January, I can make no guarantees that it will function well on your system.

Suggestions are of course welcome.

Please read the README file located in the zip archive of the theme pack for setup notes and instructions.

The resources are mainly from iTunes 10 and other mac-like themes. The code is based on Cadmium, which itself is based on elementary, which is...I could go on.
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Aaargh, it's disappointing that such a good theme can't be used by Unity or GNOME now that both are GTK3, and neither one can make use of Emerald, to my knowledge. MATE is still sort of unstable, and I don't know if Nautilus Elemantary has been ported to MATE's Caja codebase, so...
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I know, it's a pain in the ass to update themes to GTK3 at the moment, not to mention make them usable in Unity. I was able to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my Macbook, though, so I'll see if I can finally update these themes haha.
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Did you replace the scrollbars? -___-
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No, not yet. It's hard for me to test this theme as my distro, Arch, no longer has GNOME 2 available. And the GTK2 fork MATE isn't particularly stable right now. :(
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Will you like send me a .zip of the progress bar for this theme?
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The progressbars? They're rendered by the theme engine, so there are no images.
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My Location/path bar doesn't look the same as on the preview. :/ Wtf?
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What version of GNOME are you using?

Sorry for the bugs. I haven't updated that theme in more than a year now. :lol:
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GenedonHobbyist Artist
My uncle has friend who knows some dud in Sweden who knows some chick who is secretary for some old dud who works for Nobel Prize Comity,maybe we can do something about it after u finish this :D
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V-4-VENGEANCEHobbyist General Artist
Add this to gtkrc to fix pixmap toobar icons

style "murrinestyle"
#remove the ugly stipple effect that the pixmap engine causes
#remove the ugly distortion that the pixmap engine causes on disabled text
engine "murrine" {

class "GtkImage" style "murrinestyle"
class "GtkLabel" style "murrinestyle"
class "GtkComboBox" style "murrinestyle"
class "GtkCellView" style "murrinestyle"
widget_class "*.<GtkButton>.<GtkLabel>" style "murrinestyle"
widget_class "*.<GtkComboBox>.<GtkCellView>" style "murrinestyle"
widget_class "*<GtkImage>*" style "murrinestyle"

style "murrinestyle1"
engine "murrine" {
textstyle = 1

widget_class "*.<GtkComboBox>*.<GtkCellView>" style:highest "murrinestyle1"
class "GtkLabel" style:highest "murrinestyle1"
widget_class "*Panel*Label*" style:highest "murrinestyle1"
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Wow, thanks for this suggestion. That worked very well :).
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I like your theme, really cool. but I have a little problem with nautilus,
1. [link]
2. [link]
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Just read README file more carefully.
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great ! Thanks :)

can't wait for breadcrumbs disign : D
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You're welcome :)
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Tabs-on-bottom Firefox themes like that are so cool.
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Aaron-A-ArtsStudent Digital Artist
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giovanniRossiProfessional Interface Designer
a litte tip for better looking arrows in the buttons [link]
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Great theme pack. I especially like how you skinned FF tabs :yum: Thanks for sharing.
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Great job, instant fav.
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MutropolisStudent Digital Artist
Great, now all we need is someone to change the Global-menu active window title for Nautilus to Finder :D
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MutropolisStudent Digital Artist
Oh, and search wigit for Nautilus.
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Very nice :D
I'm looking for a Firefox theme which suits this GTK theme, do you have any suggestion ? :)
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