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Cadmium Suite

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NAME: Cadmium
VERSION: 0.3.1
AUTHOR: spliceosome
URL: spliceosome.deviantart.com


A metallic, mac-inspired theme designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This package includes two styles: Regular and Gloss. Includes GTK, Metacity, Emerald, CoverGloobus, and Chrome/Chromium skins.


  • Equinox engine [link]

  • Murrine engine (In Mint/Ubuntu this should be installed by default or at least found in the repositories. For other users, [link]).


To install the theme:
1) Open Appearance settings. Click on Theme tab.
2) Drag Cadmium-0.1.tar.gz file into the Appearance window.

To install the Emerald theme:
1) Open Emerald Theme Manager.
2) Click on Import.
3) Navigate to the directory where you extracted the theme.
4) Select Cadmium.emerald.

To install CoverGloobus Theme:
1) On your keyboard, press ALT+F2. Type in "gksudo nautilus" without the quotes. Navigate to where you extracted the theme pack.
2) Extract the Cadmium-CoverGloobus folder into /usr/share/covergloobus/themes/.

Panel Settings
You must set the panel background manually. Right click on any empty space on the panel, select Properties. Select the Background tab, and choose Background image. The panel backgrounds are found in ~/.themes/Cadmium/Panel Backgrounds directory.


  • Theme code based on weakhead's Elementary EM and danrabbit's elementary.

  • CoverGloobus theme based on gabriela2400's APPOWS theme

  • Chrome based on marcogandi's elementary-chromium theme

  • Used Plastique3 metacity as a basis for the metacity themes

  • Used elementary-mod breadcrumbs


  • 0.3.1 Includes Metacity Themes for both styles. Made breadcrumbs lighter in Cadmium, and added different breadcrumbs for Cadmium-Gloss.

  • 0.3 Just some minor changes to the Cadmium-Gloss Emerald theme. There is also now a CoverGloobus Theme for Cadmium-Gloss

  • 0.2 Included glossy version. No arrow now for GNOME main menu (thanks arialis111 for the fix).

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thanks i used covergloobus theme
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While not related to the aesthetic part of the theme itself, you need to be better aware of your file permissions. I'd say about 90% of the files have executable permissions.
jmcknight's avatar
While this is a gorgeous theme, you need to fix the permissions of the files contained within the zip file. Pretty much everything has executable permissions which is completely unnecessary.
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wishypwHobbyist Interface Designer
this theme is beautiful!
ubuntupunk's avatar
Where do I get the icons minimu2-monochrome? can't seem to find them
spliceosome's avatar
Sorry, it's an icon theme I haven't released yet based on rad-e8's Minium2 icons [link]
ubuntupunk's avatar
Thanks for the link.

I'm really enjoying this theme a lot. Love the detail. Just a few issues though. I get this error in my terminal and in .xsession-errors. Looks like missing information?

/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:870: Background image options specified without filename
/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/eog.rc:24: error: invalid string constant "theme-scrollbar", expected valid string constant
/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/icons/iconrc:84: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "panel-screenshot.png"
/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/icons/iconrc:86: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "panel-find.png"
/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/icons/iconrc:87: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "stock_multimedia.png"
/.themes/Cadmium-Gloss/gtk-2.0/icons/iconrc:88: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "gnome-logo.png"
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my new theme - thanks
PsychoDevon's avatar
the scrollbars appear to be messed up with both themes for me.
spliceosome's avatar
Can you post a screenshot of what they look like?
spliceosome's avatar
Hmm. That's really strange.

Can you try deleting the theme, re-downloading, and then reinstalling it? It might have not installed correctly or the download of the theme was broken somehow.
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Thank you for all the feedback :) It is much appreciated.
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Hey man, AWESOME work! Keep it up. I express my deepest gratitude for making a good looking mac themes for linux that is concise and compact.
DG09's avatar
Nice work!
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giovanniRossiProfessional Interface Designer
really good work!!!!

the only thing i don't really like are the toolbar icons.
they are a little bit too big (in my opinion!)

but all in one a very good work!one of the best gtk-themes i saw
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half-leftHobbyist Interface Designer
This theme doesn't work for me and it drops back to the basic grey GTK+ theme. I have both the Murrine and Equinox engine installed.

Let me guess. I need some bleeding edge version of both engines. Am I right?
spliceosome's avatar
Yes, you may need to update Equinox to 1.2 [link] If you have Murrine (GIT version from 03-23-2010), you should be fine there.
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I think one of your engines (probably Equinox) is older than it should be. I had the same problem with another equinox theme before.
off220's avatar
very nice. which iconset do u use?
arialis111's avatar
It's PryFrenteBlack, check her las submission in screenshot category, for the rest of details.
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
Aaron-A-ArtsStudent Digital Artist
thorough. it looks awesome in use. thank you for all your work =)
Atermoon's avatar
This looks even better in action than in the screenshots. Superb job!
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