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I've known about Jesus Is for some time, but, since I found out Jesus Is Savior made the list of's 5 Ham-Fisted Religious Websites: I figured, why not give my opinions on Jesus Is Savior? For my viewers, since I am already familiar with it somewhat and well, I want to give my followers some info on it and how you might not even want to think as a Christian. And I am curious about your opinions. Here's the link to Jesus Is Savior.
Jesus Is Savior is run by David J. Stewart. When you first visit the site, it's looks kind of overwhelming. It looks like a site stuck in the 90s. And there's hundreds of links everywhere to all sorts of information. You can spend hours just exploring the site and reading up on all sorts of info. From different doctrines, Bible sermon recordings, False Teacher lists, how evolution is a hoax, "worldly" music, certain conspiracies and more. Even fo
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Avoiding Compromise
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Avoiding Compromise
Proverbs 2:1-22
Although the temptation to compromise threatens every believer, we don't have to give in. If we're aware of the danger and understand the downward progression and ultimate consequences, we can determine to be vigilant in obedience to the Lord.
The first step in learning how to avoid compromise is understanding why it is so tempting. When others pressure us to take part in in what we know God has forbidden, it's easy to give in because we don't want to feel rejected. But anyone who's committed to living a godly life must be willing to stand alone and face ridicule or even persecution (2 Tim. 3:12
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No Condemnation
:pointl: Avoiding Compromise :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen: :pointr:
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No Condemnation

Romans 8:1-4
Some believers are plagued by feelings of condemnation. Either they think they'll never live up to God's expectations for them or they're nearly drowning in guilt over past sins. These men and women cannot seem to shake the sense that God is displeased with their puny efforts at being Christlike.
The book of Romans confronts this lie head-on: "There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus" (Rom. 8:1). When the Savior went to the cross on our behalf, He lifted the blame from our shoulders and made us righteous before God. Those feelings of condemnation do not belong to us;
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So it's been awhile. Sorry that I haven't responded to you guys as promptly as I used to. I've poked my head in DA every now and then, but not consistently. I read the comments I get and I appreciate the thoughts and feedback you guys share. 

I FRICKIN' LOVE MAN OF STEEL. It wasn't the best movie I saw this summer, but it was my favorite. You know the saying: "nerd ragin' haters, gonna nerd rage 'n' hate." Henry Cavill IS Superman. what'd you think?

Superman/Batman (Superman deserves top billing for his own movie, seems fair to me). It's a thing. Well not yet, but it's going to be. I'm excited, hopefully MoS3 will be the Trinity and JL following afterwards.

Ben Affleck is Batman. Well not yet, but he's going to be. 
  • "Ben Affleck doesn't seem like the type of person to be Batman," Neither does Bruce Wayne. 
  • "He's too small to be Batman." Zack Snyder makes his actors work hard on workouts to become superheroes. Henry "fat fat" Cavill and Gerard Butler atest to that. Ben Affleck got big in The Town, he's already working on getting. Besides' Batman is a ninja anyway. Don't let the gddmn Frank Miller say otherwise.
  • "He's a better director than actor." That's true. That's necessary. Writing wasn't the strong point Man of Steel (I LOVED elements of the movie and how they told the story) and Affleck directing and giving his 2 cents (something Chris Nolan didn't even do). Zack's visuals, Dave's story, and Affleck'swritting MoS2 could be the best comic movie book yet.
  • "Daredevil sucked." Even Hugh Jackman was "eh" in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you can't blame one actor for a bad movie. Fox hasn't been really successful with Marvel's characters. And that was over a decade ago. He's gotten better. Affleck is a smart cookie, he knows what he's capable of. This isn't a role he chose because he needed it, but because believed he could fill the part successfully (he has too much going for him to gamble it on a CBM).
    • He'll either live a hero, or die a villain.

Lance Reddick… (Fringe, The Wire) should be Martian Manhunter. If you've seen this man act then you know that'd he's perfect for J'onn J'onzz. He has presence (tall height and commanding voice) and that's necessary for a character that is going to be mostly CG (which would be a wa$te in ca$ting Idri$ Elba or another big name actor).

Factory reset! I lost everything on my computer! Everything. Pictures that didn't make DA because of this, that, reasons, and/or explanations are gone... like gone. I'm glad I have DA, because my "best" pictures are still somewhere (and you peoples like them too  sometimes :-) ).
  • Also, I'm done with fabrica de herois. Nothing against the software, it just encourages my laziness/computer staring time (I don't need any extra motivation for that) and I just get more enjoyment out drawing and it's easier to customize.
  • OCs you may or maynot be introduced to new characters or be reintroduced to character you thought you knew, but is now different.
Videos! I make them and them on my YouTube channel and Vimeo to a lesser extent.

I like you guys, DA would be pretty lame without the comment-fave relationships we have going.

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'Sup. I'm a filmmaker that likes drawing/designing stuff, and I've been told that I'm kinda good at it too. And since DA is like the YouTube for drawing peoples I thought I'd put some stuff up here.

I like comic book characters a lot, you'll notice that from my gallery, and movies. I also appreciate comments. I love them. Requests, I try to meet them as best and as often as I can. Most of the stuff I have on here I have for fun, or just for you guys on DA to look at. I'm also up for request and points commissions, so come at me with your artistic desires!


God Bless.


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