My friends, as a recently graduate from art school, most of you probably understand that we all need some kind of income to cover our life expenses, and to keep on pursuing the career we all chose and love. Right now I'm still in the job hunting phase and freelancing, and it's hardly a stable thing to keep doing for the next 12 months that I'm allowed to work in the US. That's why I really hope you have a few spare bucks for my Patreon page where in return you'll get to see the art that I do everyday, including exclusive things that I haven't posted yet, even customized request of whatever character you'd like me to draw.

My Patreon page charges per post, it means you only pay for it every time I make a new post, depends on which pledge you make (you can make as small as $1/post), and you can cancel the subscription whenever you like. So if you're feeling like you can help out a friend, you can follow the link and make a pledge, I'll really really appreciate that. Thank you so much.

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