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Some sketches I did to warm up for a huge fan art for both Wreck-it-Ralph and Rise of the Guardians - the best 2 animated movies this year. And by the way, happy new year, guys, hope you'll have a wonderful 2013.
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Dec 19, 2012, 4:27:26 PM
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i totally agree. these two movies were astounding. I really loved the rise of the guardians and the whole mythos they came up with for it. i want to actually learn more about their world

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they actually have a comic prequel, I believe you can look for that.
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Man, I just love that cartoonish feel you gave Jack Frost! Really diggin' it!~ :iconcoolplz:
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Jealous of your drawing capabilities. 0.o AWESOME!
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Very lovely. You have a magnificent style.
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You're welcome.~ :heart: ^^
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both movies were simply incredible
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Your Pitch's are A-MA-ZING. :noes:
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Thank you so much :)
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Sweet pics. Felix is all cute trying to look heroic.
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Jack Frost đẹp quá đại ca ơi!!! O_O
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Saw both one after another loved them both to death. Pitch is awesome. Nice job dude.
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Very cool! Loved Ralph. Spectacular film.
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By the way, I'm also a student at AAU (going into my 4th semester this spring). I'm illustration right now, but I'm gonna switch to the new vis dev major once I get back. It'd be cool to meet up and talk art stuff in SF once break is up, if you're down. Always cool to meet new artists that are into similar stuff. :D
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that sounds great, this spring will be my 3rd sem, I'm animation :D
whos-the-lemon-now-4's avatar
awesome! i love your little felix! so cute! great job :D
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