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Yup, Ultraman, now in colors! This was a wonderful experiment for me in lighting, colors, and a few new stylizing techniques. Also, it shows the power of the computer when it comes to this kind of stuffs. You can take a look at the sketch I posted the other day done in ink in sketchbook and compare to this one - .

Also, click like to my facebook page on the link above to follow more of my frequent sketches over there. Thank you :).
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Fantastic style!! :love:
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AMAZING, cool style man!
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Wait...Ultraman actually stomping on a city for once?! YES!!

Totally makes sense if this Ultraman was the actual alien, crushing everything in his path with his feet! :)
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haha, true, I know nothing about the character, and I like giant characters stomping everything on their ways :D
Nice art,I like your style  :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you :D, really appreciate all the faves :D
You're welcome Azurill 
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ULTRA-Tacular job my friend :D
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Woah Ultraman what gives? I thought you were a good guy?
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Have you seen the world lately? He probably is done saving it. Haha.
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Heh, heh, yeah that's a point. If I was in his shoes, I certainly wouldn't save anybody, that's all I'm saying. You know, I went back & looked at your LOK fanart, & I really loved how you detailed the muscles in Korra's arms. I know that sounds like a really weird thing to say, but it's just a nice detail so many other artists miss.:) (Smile) 
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Thanks, man. Yeah, I spent like 5 hours on that particular area of the picture, apparently it was worth it :P.
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It sure was! I'd love to see more LOK fanart from you in the future.
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This is pretty awesome! :D
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