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The Legend of Korra

Welcoming the 2nd book of The Legend of Korra back to the air. One of my favourite shows (of course including Avatar TLA). Anyone watching this?.
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Korra and their pals look cool in that style.
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Gosh I love this pic.
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awesome, drawings. I think you did a great job with this, legend of Korra is too awesome, and this drawing is so full of style, and energy.
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Thanks a lot, man :D
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Totally love how you captured her physique here man, awesome job.

You know, unlike alot of other people, I actually like the first series MORE towards the end. I don't know, I just liked that it was more serious overall, whereas earlier episodes to me had a real case of mood whiplash. Plus I fucking hated the romance shit, that was annoying. I'm not even gonna try comparing it to the original series, because I only vaguely remember watching like a handful of episodes of that, so I wouldn't really know what to say.
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Thanks, man. I agree with you. Man you should watch the original series again.
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What, you mean The Last Airbender?
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Yeah, I don't know. Just honestly dosen't seem like my thing. That's why I decided to watch LOK. It just sounded more interesting to me.
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Can't wait for Spirits.
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very cool ^^ nice style
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Definitely a looser style than the show, but no less fitting. 
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Thank you, yes, I tried to do it in my own style :D.
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So much going on in this it's awesome! I also like how you hid your signature.
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Thank you :D, yeah, that's my trade mark.
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