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Super Bat Hulk



Yes, you didn't read it wrong, it really IS Super Bat Hulk. Another freaking crazy Mash-up art I came up with last week. You all can recognize what these came from.

Here's the story for ya:

"Bruce El was born on planet Kryptopolis into a honorable scientists family. His parents discovered a terrible treason scheme against the whole planet, which was planned by the military based robot - Abranimation. Unfortunately, just before they had a chance to alert the planet's leaders, they were assasinated in a small alley, right in front of 10-year-old Bruce. Kryptopolis was annihilated right away by Abranimation with his terrifying power.

Yet Bruce El was saved by his auto-activated protecting device planted on his clothes by his parents to provide against any bad situation may come, then landed on Earth. Radioa-active effectivity from the explosion of Kryptopolis gave Bruce El special power when on Earth. Everytime his heart beat reaches above 200 beats per minutes, he'll become a giant creature with incredible physical power, the ability to fly, invunerable, heat vision, freezing breathe and super hearing.

He was adopted by Thomas Kent and Martha Banner - a billionaire couple on Earth. Changing his name into Bruce Kent, he's spent the rest of his life on Earth to study and research, continue his biological parents' incompleted project, and find Abrainimation.

Thanks to his amazing intelligence, plus the huge legacy inherited from his adopted parents, Bruce successed to finish the project, and found out the next target of Abrainimation: Earth.

With the help from the female housekeeper and lover - Betty Pennyross, could Bruce El aka Super Bat Hulk, stop this annihilation from Abrainimation, and protect his second home planet - Earth?"
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