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Sky Holder

Female Sky Holder (she's a man in the mythology) - the original Vietnamese Goddess. There are a lot of Photoshop tools experiments in this one, and a lot of them are quite useful I must say.

Before there was even time, the universe was in chaos, sky and earth were mixed together, and no living thing could survive. That was when came the Sky Holder, she pushed the sky up with her hands, and stomped the earth down with her legs, thus, created the world as we know it, and allowed creatures of all kinds to grow and evolve underneath.

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Cho em hỏi, rốt cuộc thần trụ trời... LÀ NAM HAY LÀ NỮ :iconwhatdidijustplz: ?????????????????????????

Nhớ đâu xã hội Việt Nam xưa vốn là mẫu hệ nắm quyền chứ không phải đàn ông. Sau này do ảnh hưởng của Trung Hoa mới đổi lại. Có khi nào vì thế mà Thần Trụ Trời từ nữ biến thành nam không ????????
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Trong truyện ko nói về giới tính, nhưng hay dùng từ "ông". Anh đổi lại cho vui :D
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Reminds me of Shu the egyptian air god who hold the sky goddess, Nut, to avoid her falling on Geb, the earth.
Love the texture in the clouds and the light anyway :)
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Wow this is really impressive
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Very good, i like
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Wonderful piece here! Love how you colored this scenery especially the sky with the light rays
The inked up sketch looks so nice with the crazy linework!
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