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Sketch: Ancient Street

Again, someone will recognize this street. I once did a sketch with ink wash on this street that has that house with the words on (Hiên Kỳ). The street is Lan Ong street, one of the ancient street of Hanoi.

This time is another exercise but I was too lazy to go find another scene to draw, so I decided to remake this, with a different media though. This one is done with ink pen in around 15-20 mins.

The signature is my teacher's, she signed it there to check that I had done ok with my exercise. (Though I did it very sloppy).

I think I should do some more. (though I will have to make this - not any other one - into a water color pic, so it seems to not make sense to do more)
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Amazing, Nothing better than Invironmentel sketches,and of them Street scenes are my favorite... awesome to look at!
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thank you, a lot, man :)
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Awesome! :3 You have mad skills with a pen! X3
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thanks a bunch man :)
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Maby it's just a sketch but I really enjoy it!

I looked at this and told myself 'wow there are so many details!' and then looked a little more '...or there are no details at all but it still looks like it had so many!'.

Maby I'm wrong but that is what I think and I think (yeah let repeat it more :'think' =P) that it is really amazing.
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thanks :). No you're not wrong, you're totally right about that, I used a lot of lines, so that gives the pic a detailed feeling.
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Exactly! Sooo great ^^
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The official translation is "The Old Quarter". Something has to be like 1000 years old before you can call it ancient lol
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it can be called ancient yes, cuz before that there was nothing in Hanoi
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That's absolutely amazing. This really is just too perfect!
And it amazes me that it took you 15 - 20 minutes. I take forever to draw streets, and when I do, they come out so bad. ^^;

Maybe, if I work hard, then someday I'll gain some of your talent! :D
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thank you my friend, actually, 15-20 mins for a sketch is understandable :), it's just a sketch anyway
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You're welcome! And I suppose it is understandable to do a sketch in 15-20 minutes. What amazes me is how beautifully you sketch! :heart:
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