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Saint Giong

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Saint Giong riding his Metal horse into battle with a flaming bush of bamboos for a weapon.

Saint Giong - a legend from Vietnamese mythology. He didn't speak a word until he was 3. When our country was invaded and called for volunteers into the army, he started talking and the first thing he asked for was lots of rice to eat. After meals after meals, he stood up and in a blink of an eye, turned into a gigantic and powerful adult man. The Emperor made him a metal armor, and a metal horse, with which he rode into the battle and defeated the enemy like a walk in the park. When his weapon was broken, he pulled a bush of bamboos out of the ground and used it to fight off the rest of the invaders. When the war ended and the country in peace, he rode his metal horse straight for heaven and never came back. People made shrines and temples in his tribute and worship him as a Saint.

See the sketch here:…

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very cool splendidriver, love the baboo 
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That is a super cool legend!
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Thánh Gióng (^^") rất ngầuEpic clap 
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What the O_O!?

He's seem really heavily armored...
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He's Saint Giong, he's supposed to be heavily armored.
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I really like these pieces you're doing that are based off of Vietnamese mythology. They're really interesting
This guy is just awesome with his metal armor, metal horse, and shoots of bamboo!
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Thanks a lot :D. I intend to make even more of this, and will do something really cool about it :D. Stay tuned!
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