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Yes, another old sketch finished during my sick time. This time is one of my favourite American comic charactors - The Flash of Wally West.

I mostly like him from the TV show Justice League and Justice League Unlimited by Warner Bros on Cartoon Network. That was one freaking awesome show that they can never surpass themselves, Bruce Timm did an awesome job for the show.

And yes, this is just a nonsense wallpaper like pic that I made just to kill my sick time, so don't wonder why it doesn't mean a thing, and to explain why I mostly do fan-arts, that's the way I practice my skills, preparing for my own comics.

So, Wally West - The Flash - DC Comics.

You can have it as a wallpaper for widescreen here, sorry, I'm too lazy to make a normal wallpaper, may be you guys will have to crop it yourself:
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I like how you did the watermark. It doesn't visually alter the image.