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One hand

This is the real deal.

And don't forget to check out my profile page for the next pic that will reach 100 faves. Help me out peeps :)

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OMG! Sounds like you made it up :D but I know it's real XDD;
Đời lắm lúc bất công >"<
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Lol that sucks!
AugustoSasa's avatar
hahaha how frustrating man!
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Chẳng có j sai cả. Gặ p đèn đỏ mà dừng lại cho hết giờ thì quê chết (vì người ta chạy hết dzồi) :D :XD:
splendidriver's avatar
lol, thật ra là vì còn ít thời gian quá nên thằng CA này nó mới tưởng em vượt anh ạ :rofl:
Insane-eyeball's avatar
Hehehe :lmao:

Đây vài lần bị "ủi đít" vì cái tội dám gương mẫu dừng xe trước đèn đỏ dzồi, nên anh em cứ thế mà tiến lên hihi :D^^.
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that was totally weird...but what can i say..these kind of stuff happen a lot and all over the world...
it's like...after watching a youtube vid and chating with a friend on y!mess , we kinda came to the conclusion that...stupidity doesn't have exsists in every country, all over the world...sadley :(
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you give me a sad vision of our planet, may be the Decepticons are right :(
CrystynaDragonRose's avatar
i didn;t saw transformers 2..only 1...and i wasn't too....into the movie...the fights actually...*i only watched it cuz LP was on the soundrack -_-" * and i remember only little parts the main character was so "OMG!" when he saw that 'hot' girl...
splendidriver's avatar
Lol understandable, :D, Transformers is something more boy-like :D
CrystynaDragonRose's avatar
yeah..but i don't always judge movies like..boy-ish, girl-ish, for example...i think i used to watch Power Rangers when i was little :giggle: and i had a few toy cars ^^;
splendidriver's avatar
may be it's about tastes difference :)
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Chuyen thuong ngay ^^
gin-1994's avatar
coi tiếng việt bên zda rồi, hay !!
Tidus-902000's avatar
Where's your Vietnamese vers?

splendidriver's avatar
Chek vnsharing and vncomicfarm
Tidus-902000's avatar
...zời ơi =_="
Câu đùa mà
Ý bảo là người việt thì phải viết tiếng việt =)))))
(mình com tiếng anh, nhạt)
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