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Jedi Ninja Spock Na'vi

A little print I was selling at A.P.E (Alternate Press Expo) in San Francisco a few weeks ago. And of course, for those who have been following me, it's the next installment in my series of Mash-up art. This time it's Spock in a Ninja outfit, holding a Jedi lightsaber, having a Na'vi braid and of course, he's on Pandora. Enjoy.
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This is combining nearly 4 franchises into one. LOL
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Cool that the floating rock behind him seems to mirror his face!
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A very interesting cross-over. I'll bet he would make a thoughtful, clinical, yet profoundly dangerous jedi.
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Thank you :D. I bet he does.
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jedi navi ninja spook
i like it
logical passionate silent and in touch with the force
live long and prosper
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I'm sure he'll live long and prosper.
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That's wild! I like it.
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Therefore anyone's Argument here is invalids,you don't mess with mr.Spock
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I can dig it.
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Wow... This is epic!
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I think you broke reality with this cross...Good work
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awesum crossover!!!
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