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Igun Operation: Red Team



This is a varial poster for the Red Team in the "IGun Operation" independent short movie. Check out the info for it below.

This one took me a lot of time, this time was 3 days lack of sleeping. I hope you'll enjoy the movie and the poster too :)

Yes. Another great independent short movie that my cousin and his friends made after the success of this one [link] that they did one year ago.

This movie was launched on Aug 14th 2009

Not like the last time, this one is not only mindless actions and special effects show off, they now really have a very good story line for it. And with some super good twist, perfect filming, nice and surprising story, wonderful screenplay, and even an after credit scene, I think this movie is even better than the so called "blockbuster" Transformers 2 (in the movie side, not about the effects)

You can check out the movie via this link (facebook link) [link] and don't forget to like it :). (read the description first to know what it's about)

And of course, I again, am their official poster maker :laughing: since my cousin is one of the actors. And I'm happy to introduce to you the first poster for the movie named "IGun Operation" (yes, I'm making another one with 5 more charactors).
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Great design! All the action going on with it, along with an obvious hero and villain, make it look like a true promotional movie poster. It looks great too! Drawn and colored well, with great placement! The fire at the bottom doesn't hurt either. :D

Good job!