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Yeah, only school projects now. I have a couple of comissions now but I don't even have time to sleep, so I have to say sorry to anyone who asked me for comission, and I promise I'll finish it as soon as I finish all my school stuffs.

Ok, this is a small scene in a group-project of us. We have to do all the technical drawings for a temple or a pagoda of our choice. And this is one of the small scene I have to do, my team-mates are doing all the rest, such a tough work.

This is a hallway from Ha Pagoda, an ancient pagoda near the surburbs of Hanoi.

This is done with inkpen on A3 sized paper.

I had 2 sleepless night now for this and now I will have to keep staying up late to finish a comission from a publisher in town. So tired now TT_TT
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Nice interior.
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wa' dep ay^' :heart:
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Beautiful hatching and tone, as ever! Great work.
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sao hôm nay thu bài không thấy?
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đúng, ko thấy trong tậ;p bài nộ;p, thế nào? điều tra ra chưa?
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chưa hề, anh em nhóm ko ai onl, nhắn tin cũng ko trả lời
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WOW, so... professional!! :wow:
It's the first time I have seen how a pen nib works. That's great!!
I have been to Ha pagoda so many times but don't remember those lamps. I think they are so modern in comparison with the scene there, hehe :D
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Thanks :), this is not that great, in my opinion, I did a lot of this kinda things. I think those lamps are some new touches for lights, it's pretty dark inside.
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That's great to me. It may be because I'm not an art student, I never can do something like that ^^"
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may be, you should try to look at my friend's art here, meogiabattu, she's a lot better than me
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Ah, were her comics printed on T3? If so, I knew her :D
She is so good, I love her traditional artworks ^^ But you're good too, don't compare yourself with anybody ^^
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thought so. Thank you so much :)
đẹ;p. Nên chăng dìm tối phần trần hơn 1 tý?
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ừ, đúng, nhưng vì đã quá mệt nên ko lên thêm nổi nữa, tranh to quá
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Yay practice! ^^ I like the cross etching technique you used for the shading :O It works fantastically.
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thanks a lot :D, yeah, I use that technique most the time :)
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:omg: it's amazing !
you'll be an awesome architect :clap:
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