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Captain Thor Lantern

This summer, there are 4 different superhero movies: X-men: First Class, Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America. What if you don't have enough money to go to the cinema and see all of them? What if you think 4 superhero movies are too much for one summer?

Don't worry, that's why I'm bringing you all 4 of the mentioned superhero above into only ONE MOVIE, with only ONE SUPERHERO.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to you the CAPTAIN THOR LANTERN - PROTECTOR OF EARTH.

"Erik Rogers is a 25-year-old guy, was born when humanity is evolved to a stage that everybody is big and tall and strong. But by a strange mutation, he is only 1.45 meter tall. When the war began, Erik tried multiple times to enlist into the army and failed because of his small and weak body. Disappointed of himself, he drived to the forrest and found a dying blonde and big man. He said he came from a planet called Oasgard and gave Erik a strange ring “You’re chosen to be one of the Gods of the Universe, who are called the Thor Lantern, and your task is to protect the Earth”. He put on the ring and recognized himself becoming taller, bigger and a lot stronger, and with the lightning power of the ring, he can turn his thoughts into reality, a lightning hammer for example. But, right when he still didn’t figure out what was happening, he was kidnapped by a division of the government and recruited to the frontline and fight against the Red Loki, stopping him from taking over the world. And that’s how Captain Thor Lantern was born."

Yes, I'm in quite a mash-up mood, and it's so much fun doing stuffs like this. I'm sure gonna do more mash-up.

That's why I'll need you guys to give me some suggestions. I'll even do mash-up between manga and comic. So please, spread your ideas around. Thanks so much.
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Son of a bitch stole my idea
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You forgot is greatest enemies:

Paralekk and Siniestro Red Loki.

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Ha HAAAA THIS is freakin awesome I dont' think i've seen anyone mashed up 3 heroes at one time, truly original.
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Then you should check out the one where I combined all the avengers and batman, and spider-man into 1.
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His nemesis is the evil Red parallax.
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iron Hollow fox
ironman Hollow ichigo naruto 9 tale mode
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How much you people want to bet they would actually make a film of this?
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please name your price! :laugh:
ArcanePhotographer's avatar
Oh 360 million, a couple for the special effects, the writers, the actors & the rest for buying crack :)
splendidriver's avatar
Man, totally awesome, I'll definitely gonna watch that :))
ArcanePhotographer's avatar
Now all we need is a director, hmm...How about Micheal Bay? BANG!!!!! Head Shot
splendidriver's avatar
If I picked anyone, it would definitely be Jon Favreau
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I would go and watch it! Only to see Red Loki xDDDDD
splendidriver's avatar
You definitely should!
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I would go see this movie
splendidriver's avatar
You totally should, if it's ever got made :D
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Thank you very much :)
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There is no such thing as too many super hero movies for summer XD
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Cái cape của chú này màu gì thế anh?
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đỏ. Cape này giống kiểu của Mag
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