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[link] <--- The winners were announced here, check them out, they have some awesome pics. I didn't win, predictable.

(Edit: Lol, one of my friends just taught me how to add outter glow and I was too excited and couldn't help apply the new lesson right away)

Yes, this is my entry for SatelliteSoda's contest on combining Marvel characters and TRON: Legacy concept. It's almost deadline here (13/12/2010) so I had to draw in the speed of light.

Anyway, I have to say this is not that serious of an artwork since I re-used a sketch for a commission that I thought I'd throw away.

So, imagine if The Grid from TRON: Legacy needs an Avengers team? It's AvenTRON for you. Hope you'll like.
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Dec 4, 2010, 5:20:02 PM
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Sick wit iiiiiittt!! Awesome pic and I'm loving the glow you've applied especially. Crazy that this came from throw away sketch card...AWESOME SAUCE!!
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haha, thank you man :)
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That's just awesome! :iconlaspinplz:
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Welcome. I love the Avengers.:D
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you have been featured :) [link]
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Thank you very much :)
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Might I just say first - dayum I haven't commented here in a while. I'm slipping. Secondly - Awwwwwwsome! The outer glow (A tricky to master tool) works really well here giving everyone that really sleek look with the glow.

And it's nice to see how you managed to use the different light colours for the characters. It works on Thor's armor pretty well when you consider the large circles on the chest area.

If I had to make a more personal note, I would have given Cap his shield as a light disk. Given that Thor still had his hammer to me it just looks a little odd. That said a light disk/vibranium shield would be so very epic.
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Thank you for your very insightful comment, I really appreciate that a lot. About your points about Thor's hammer and Cap's shield, like I said, it was pretty bad in a hurry so I thought to do something more unique but I didn't have time, I'll consider that next time :). Thank you
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Beautiful work with the glow of the lit characters! :D I never got to see Tron but I heard it looked real cool, I also heard the storyline was pretty bland but as long as it looks nice, right? :shrug:
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It's beautiful to look at and amazing to hear, story line was ok enough for a movie like this. :D. Thank you
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Dynamic and ingenious.
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Looks very cool.
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darn. guess i missed that. ;/
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that's a shame, but it's fun to work on it :D, try one.
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this turned out awesome man! glad you got something into the contest
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