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50 years in Space and Time



I've been drawing a collection of caricatures of all 12 Doctors from Doctor Who, including Peter Capaldi, who will be replacing Matt Smith this Christmas. This was done for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi TV Show of all time. I got my ticket and am planning to go to the 3-D screening in theatre for the 50th anniversary episode this Saturday - Nov 23rd, exactly 50 years after the very first episode aired on BBC with William Hartnell.

I started watching Doctor Who the new series last year - 2012, and became obsessed by it because of the wonderful, beautiful, creative, and emotional stories that the show brings. To me watching DW is like watching every single genre of films ever, from comedy to sci-fi, from romance to horror, from fantasy to detective, from film noir to art house... everything. Every episode feels like a super good feature film, and they all crossover in incredible bigger story arcs that will blow your mind every time. It's not about The Doctor himself, it's not about all the gimmick of CGI, it's not even about how hot The Doctor or the companions are. It's all about good stories, and inventive ideas. Now I have seen many TV series, but Doctor Who is hands down the best of all.

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who.

P/S: You can buy this as a print, or the large and high-res file on the right hand, it's not too much and you'll have some thing cool to celebrate the anniversary too :D.
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Most cartoon/caricatures of actors that I have seen are...poop, to be kind to them, but these are all extremely good likenesses. :D  In addition to that, you caught the feel/expressions of them really well. 
Some of the most interesting 50th Anniversary art I've seen.