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5 AM

Wondering what the title means?

Yes, I started doing this at 0 AM and finished it at 5 AM this morning. After that, I was exhausted, and almost miss my afternoon class. But I think it worthed.

Remember the latest sketch I posted? Yes, this is it, but on an A2 paper and done with water color.

Lan Ong street, a corner in the Old Quarter of Hanoi (that I used to call Ancient streets lately). This is the final project of this term so it may be the last water color work that I do, cuz you all know I'm too lazy for water base stuffs, and I only do it if it's school project.

Here's the link to the sketch [link]
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These are beautiful color. I like the purple shadow with the green and yellow :D
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Thank you so much for all the faves :). Appreciate that.
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This is so pretty! I love the purple tones. ^^
The softnes of the sheets is beautiful. Very nice work here. ;3
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thank you a lot :)
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Beautifully rendered. I love the original sketch too.
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I like the way you drew the trees :)
Btw, you seem like purple, right? :D
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thanks :). Ah, it's not like I'm a fan of purple or something. You know, I have serious problem with colors, so I have to think a lot when choosing the right color. And after long time of taking advices from people, I decided to choose purple, cuz it's both cold and hot, so it'll be safe for me to use it XD
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Oh I see :"D
Honestly, I don't like purple, it's somehow too romantic =P I'm not good at coloring but I think when you draw streets, you shouldn't use too much purple (not because I don't like it ^^") because it will make the street unnatural :)
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I see, I'll think about that. But I really like it like this :D, may be it's how I like :D
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^^ I stink at drawing buildings and such, great work. I also love the colors and shades of green here x3
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It's been a hard day ... 's night
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5 hours in night O_O But it was worth it i think ;)
I really like colors here. They are really calm ^^
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hoan thanh trong 5 tieng @_____@
tranh dep lam anh ui ^^
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Màu đẹ;p XD
bắt đầu từ 0h sáng và hoàn thành lúc 5h Am '_'
*mình chỉ đc thức đến 3h30 là kịch ==" * 5h30 bật dậy đi học ~
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thanks :D, ha ha, ừ. em fải học trường anh và sẽ thấy 5h là bình thường, thức 1 lèo đến 12h trưa đi học luôn cũng là bt :rofl:
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