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3rd Project



This is the 3rd architecture project that we have to do at school. The theme is Villa or Repeating small villas (I don't know how they call it).

Like the other times, I don't want to do things that most people do, so I decided to choose the difference. And I chose to do a repeating small villas (if someone knows the word for this type of architecture please tell me).

So this is the 3D version that I built with Google Sketchup 7.0 and printed it out so that I can scan it on to the canson paper for water color.

The project is on two A1 sized papers and was done with water color, technical pen and markers, I will post it later.

Just now, this one will work :)
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Wowie :3 That's amazing! I love the color of blue you used and the foundation is amazing! ^^