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Aladdin Series Sprite Series

TV Series: Disney's Aladdin
Originally Pixeled: June 03
Comments: Aladdin is my absolute favorite Disney movie. Has been since it came out, alway's will be. And I was alway's obsessed with the series. At one point I had ever episode on video! ^^; So here are Aladdin and Jasmine, along with villians from the TV series Sadira, Mirage, and Mozenrath.

"Aladdin" & characters © Disney
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Wolfzoroarkgirl's avatar
Yay moze<3 I am all about Aladdin based stuff especially the show! ^^
Caliypsoe's avatar
How adorable! I love the Sadira one.

It kills me how I can't find the Aladdin series anywhere now! Not even on youtube. -_-
splendidpixels's avatar
I completely agree. = (
oashisu's avatar
These are very cute. I especially love the sprite of Mirage. <3
splendidpixels's avatar
Thank you. = ) She was my favorite female villian.
oashisu's avatar
<:3 No problem. I agree.
ladylovelylocks89's avatar
They're so adorable! The movie and the TV show are one of my all-time favourites as well :)
16Yashiro's avatar
16Yashiro's avatar
nice work! can I have the link for the base
Mozenrath-Sama's avatar
I like these sprites, especially the Mozenrath and Mirage one!
janus-the-halo-sage's avatar
its actually kinda small for sprites, but that's my only real complaint.
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