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Splatoon , a 3rd Person Shooter .
Cartoonish , ink based , fast , much potential .
Confirmed since E3 2014.
It's a fanclub and everyone is welcome.
The Hype train never stops.

also: First Splatoon group on dA!

Please submit your art into the right folders and enjoy your stay! :D

If you have any suggestions or questions, just go ahead and note us!
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Fan Club

5,369 Members
4,920 Watchers
296,415 Pageviews

Folder Information and rules!

A little information about our folder system, to keep all the art sorted :D

No hate art is accepted. This group is to APPRECIATE everything about Splatoon, not hate it.
No NSFW allowed, please.
No Callie x Marie artwork allowed. Incest is bad.

We have 10 different folders so far:

Don't use this folder.

Everything game-related goes here, no matter what as long as it includes Canonchars!

OCs and Sonas
The folder for your own Splatoon character or sona!
Doesn't need to be 100% accurate to the ingame material

Fanfiction and Comics
All your written work and comics that isn't a journal can go here, be it a headcanon, a fanfic a crossover story, etc.

Crossover Art
Our newest Folder, for everything crossover related. for example: Inkling versions of characters which are from another game, series etc. Or pictures featuring characters from other series, games etc. in general. But the content needs to be splatoon related in any way!

Any written Texts in form of Journal Entry goes here! That could be Fanfics, lores of OCs, Myths and rare Infos about the game or "Tips and tricks - from players, for players"! You can write and discuss about anything Splatoon related content want!

The Name's the Game. In this new Folder goes anything you created that has matter and mass and volume. Crafts, Figurines, Plushes and Cosplays belong into this Folder now!

So, here's the Idea.
If you really don't know where to submit your stuff, put it here.
After that, Admins will take care of it. Please make sure to check where you can put your work and ask an Admin if needed! This folder is for helping people contributing to our group, so PLEASE DO NOT abuse this system! Thank you!

Inkling Creator Images + In-game references
So this Inkling dress-up game got really popular. To prevent the pictures made in that game to cover the other art, post them here and don't forget to add a link to the game you used. And also here go screenshots from Splatoon itself.

3D Art
3Dimensional pictures done in Gmod, SFM or elsewhere go right here.

If you're not sure in which folder your artwork belongs, just submit into the one which you think it will fit best or ask the admins. If you're still not sure, please use the Inbox folder. :la:

For more details on how the folders work, read this journal:…

Gallery Folders

Pearl's Graffiti by iDFER
Enjoying the summer! by miitara
Team Princess (9 29 2018) by theskywaker
Octoling? by foopdraws
Canon Characters FULL
Bloblobber by DeltAmb3r
Commission - 3 by DeltAmb3r
Dedf1sh Fanart by SanchezEscoba
Frank West outfit by SanchezEscoba
Canon Characters 2
Marie by KaosMass95
3 Of Them by songbirdcrow
Nana Chan Ocs Splatoon by QuaticharJasy
smashing, dashing, and squidbagging by LeakyInkBottle
OCs and Sonas
SquidPainted: The WHY of Neki P6 by raulhedgebomber
on the fence by LeakyInkBottle
Loorea Mila by GoodOlRusty
Splatoon OC-Johanna(Redraw) by SnivyFennkinGirl
OCs and Sonas 2
Vigilante Pyro and Ocarina by RexTheTRexHog
'After the salon' by OfficialNeonTube
Festiva by GoodOlRusty
quick ref by LeakyInkBottle
Fanfiction and Comics FULL
Octo Expansion sidestory Chapter 2 - Page 22 by Octo-Comix
Octo Expansion sidestory Chapter 2 - Page 21 by Octo-Comix
Magic is a abomination part 44 by pinrobotkit
Days with Elizabeth #5: Cake face by Firespirit27
Crossover Art
The gambler by CaptainLeopard
The House of the Splatted - GAME OVER by MikeBaut27
Inspirations for Kavor by Firespirit27
Inspirations for Viola by Firespirit27
Fame and PopularityFame and Popularity is something we sometimes wish we had but we never get however, it's something I noticed while seeing people arts and people getting more famous, Fame Popularity can most of the time change someone and how they act around others, Fame is like a candy we always wanted as a child but we never got it until we were older and by the time we actually got it, It just didn't feel the same. what I am saying is that Fame and Popularity can change or overwhelm oneself, look at what happened to CH, once he was famous he was alright with it, but over the coming months he started to act more and more strange, and became a little aggressive and a little bit demanding for him to be featured in people's artwork and then more and more drama happened around him and by the time he realized what he had done, some of his friends already hated him and that caused him to leave the community, It happens all the time, someone gets famous until they get greedy and aggressive for more people to pay attention to them and by the time they realized, everyone already hates them, It's honestly rare to see someone become famous and be the same person and never change, It is both sad and annoying to see people finally become famous only to find out that they changed and they were longer the same person they used to be, I sometimes changed and became a little aggressive, I even recorded videos of me defending for something stupid and people laughed about it and then I realized that those videos aren't even necessary, so I deleted them and I will admit I am not a good person when it comes to defending myself. I wanted to share my thoughts with you and I hope some of you are actually aware if you ever become famous, it sort of sucks to see the exact same drama happen over and over again.
Why I Wanted to Join the Splatoon CommunityWith Splatoon 3 announced for next year, I knew the time to join the Splatoon (SplatSource) community couldn't be anymore perfect. Why? Well, let me tell you all...For those who don't know, I have a YouTube channel called "The Kirb-Crew" where I make sprite animations like "Equestria Invasion", "Character Carnage," "Warriors of Chaos" and so on. Well, last month, I got Garry's Mod on Steam, and have been having so much fun with it ever since, as you've seen from my most recent pics posted here on my DeviantArt page. Some of my favorite GModders and Splat Tubers have to be Alex Spider, LizzietheRatcicle, and SMG4. Of course, there's a bunch of other people I like, too. I want to try some different things with my channel, and expand a wider audience. I've gained a few watchers from my GMOD pics, which is pretty cool, and I want to continue that. I'm not very social in real life, and with things here like YouTube, Discord, DeviantArt, Twitter, etc, I've been getting better and better with being more open to others and expressing my talents to those who watch my content. For Splatoon, I'm obviously starting small since I'm still learning to do GMOD animating, and since this is such a GIANT community, I figured it would be another nice place to start, like sprite animating. Like, I want to be able to get 1,000 subscribers, maybe even more. And I also want to be more talked about by people and do collaborations and other stuff; because like I said before, I'm trying out some new stuff. Of course, there are LOTS of people way better than I am, but I still respect their amazing works that inspire me to do what I do today. Now of course, I am aware of a lot of drama in this community that has been going on, and more recently with Mariokoopa54321, who I thankfully blocked to avoid any future problems. And I obviously do not (I repeat: do NOT) want to get involved with any future problems there God forbid may be with the new Splatoon game. And thanks to LKGaming, I recently watched T0xic4Life's videos on the overview of this community, and I'd honestly rather be an "outsider"; meaning I want to be in a more peaceful and positive side with actual common sense, and I've been working on taking criticism for my work since GMOD is more complex to make animations than sprite animations, at least from MY personal experience. I'd rather be on a side where people care about each other rather than a toxic, and not-so-bright one.So, all in all, I'm really glad that I'm a part of this community, and I hope to see wherever it goes when Splatoon 3 comes out next year (hopefully a bit better than it is now though).Thanks for taking the time to read, and of course...STAYYYY FRESH!...
Journals 2
An Update Regarding My 1,000 Subscriber CollabIn case you guys missed it, I announced a few days ago on my YouTube channel, The Kirb-Crew, that I would be hosting my very first collaboration to celebrate me getting 1,000 subscribers! I have never done something this big before, and it's scary, honestly, and I sadly kind of doubt I may get a lot of entries for it, but I'm sure gonna try.Here's the video to get all of the rules and info:,So far, I only have one submitted entry, and I feel like adjusting and fixing up some rules from the video. You can still submit your art entries mentioning me on Twitter (@KirbCrew) and on my DeviantArt page (@riverana) respectively, but you can now send your video entry on YouTube with the hashtag #KirbCrew1KSubCollab so it'll be easier for me to find. I was going to suggest my Discord server as well, but now I'm scrapping that. So, YouTube, DeviantArt, and Twitter are now the main places for submissions.Secondly, your video entries can now be up to 30 seconds to 90 seconds long. Any art style is acceptable (GMOD, SFM, Gacha Life, etc.)Everything else from the video above will remain the same. I'm still hoping for a mid-May release of this collab, so if you want to make a drawing or video entry you'd like for me to see, then by all means, go ahead and send them for me, I'm accepting any and all participants; no limits.The deadline is April 30th for submitting your entries to me.Link to my Inksona dupe: Steam Workshop::Nate - The Ink Crew ( to my Kirbsona dupe: Steam Workshop::Nate (My Kirbsona) ( other Ink Crew OCs if you want to use them as well: 8AACAF8FD908608E2A6CAF339781308B1F534C1E (1366×768) (
Crafts, Plush, Cosplay, Etc.
The Boys Watching Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron by CheerBearsFan
The Boys Love Chocolate Milk by CheerBearsFan
New Book Case: Shelf 3 by CheerBearsFan
The Girls Watching Blade by CheerBearsFan
Inkling Creator Images + Ingame References
[Misc]: The Newest V-Tuber On The Block by PoorlyDrawnGamer
3D Art
It's the Way You Move by TotallyArtlu
3D Art 2
Something Beautiful by CaptainLeopard
OCs and Sonas 3
Marina classes splatoon mini-comic part 2 (final) by zZMaverickZz
OCs and Sonas 4
Hanna - Get Your Namesake Item by Rotommowtom
Fanfiction and Comics 2
BROKEN SOULS page 31 by DeltAmb3r
Canon Characters 3
Happy TOO LATE call13 day | splatoon fanart by zZMaverickZz
Inbox and Other
[Misc]: Happy (Late) CAL13 Day! by PoorlyDrawnGamer
[OPEN] Custom Splatoon Chibi Commission Sheet by ForgottenWinds


By request of some members, I have opened two new folders for commissions and adoptables. They're pretty self explanatory but here are the rules in a bit more detail:

:bulletgreen: Commissions:
This folder is specifically made for commission info. You can advertise your commissions sheets and journals here, however, the actual commissioned work must go in the respective folder. If you're going to advertise here, you MUST accept Splatoon related commissions. This is a Splatoon group after all. Requests are also accepted here.

:bulletpurple: Adoptables:
Due to the large amount of adoptables that were posted in this group and a suggestion from a member, I made this folder so the designs looking for a home won't be lost in the other folders. Again, the designs must be strictly made for the Splatoon universe, being inspired by it is not enough. Fan species are acceptable tho.

Just for a refresher, here are the rules for the other folders:…
More Journal Entries








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