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Group Info

Splatoon , a 3rd Person Shooter .
Cartoonish , ink based , fast , much potential .
Confirmed since E3 2014.
It's a fanclub and everyone is welcome.
The Hype train never stops.

also: First Splatoon group on dA!

Please submit your art into the right folders and enjoy your stay! :D

If you have any suggestions or questions, just go ahead and note us!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jun 12, 2014


Group Focus
Fan Club

4,521 Members
4,058 Watchers
222,945 Pageviews
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Folder Information and rules!

A little information about our folder system, to keep all the art sorted :D

No hate art is accepted. This group is to APPRECIATE everything about Splatoon, not hate it.
No NSFW allowed, please.
No Callie x Marie artwork allowed. Incest is bad.

We have 10 different folders so far:

Don't use this folder.

Everything game-related goes here, no matter what as long as it includes Canonchars!

OCs and Sonas
The folder for your own Splatoon character or sona!
Doesn't need to be 100% accurate to the ingame material

Fanfiction and Comics
All your written work and comics that isn't a journal can go here, be it a headcanon, a fanfic a crossover story, etc.

Crossover Art
Our newest Folder, for everything crossover related. for example: Inkling versions of characters which are from another game, series etc. Or pictures featuring characters from other series, games etc. in general. But the content needs to be splatoon related in any way!

Any written Texts in form of Journal Entry goes here! That could be Fanfics, lores of OCs, Myths and rare Infos about the game or "Tips and tricks - from players, for players"! You can write and discuss about anything Splatoon related content want!

The Name's the Game. In this new Folder goes anything you created that has matter and mass and volume. Crafts, Figurines, Plushes and Cosplays belong into this Folder now!

So, here's the Idea.
If you really don't know where to submit your stuff, put it here.
After that, Admins will take care of it. Please make sure to check where you can put your work and ask an Admin if needed! This folder is for helping people contributing to our group, so PLEASE DO NOT abuse this system! Thank you!

Inkling Creator Images + In-game references
So this Inkling dress-up game got really popular. To prevent the pictures made in that game to cover the other art, post them here and don't forget to add a link to the game you used. And also here go screenshots from Splatoon itself.

3D Art
3Dimensional pictures done in Gmod, SFM or elsewhere go right here.

If you're not sure in which folder your artwork belongs, just submit into the one which you think it will fit best or ask the admins. If you're still not sure, please use the Inbox folder. :la:

For more details on how the folders work, read this journal:…

Gallery Folders

Team Princess (9 29 2018) by theskywaker
Octoling? by FreezyFoop
Pearl by ReaganLong
Agent 8 by ReaganLong
Canon Characters FULL
[SFM] Chiptune by MegaDelphox
[SFM] Marina by MegaDelphox
Marie 2 (SPLATOON) by startop1
Pearl and Marina Octo Expansion by AgentAndrew
Canon Characters 2
Army by LuguTrap
Marie by Enderboy1908
Callie by Enderboy1908
MC Princess by Ivvvle
OCs and Sonas
Splatoon - Pame~ by NoponSheep
Miranda's sunbath by Erebz
Miranda's abs day by Erebz
some pink thing by Yumekima
OCs and Sonas 2
Squidmas 8 | Nr.8 und Perla 2 by Pokemonfanzocker
Ocs - (Splatoon) by Sj25
My first spltoon OC : Miranda by Erebz
Enchantee ! Je suis Miranda ! by Erebz
Fanfiction and Comics FULL
Splatoon Prologue: From the Beginning Part 8 by ChaoticLord44
Inkapacitation - Page 1/12 by BanditofBandwidth
Splatoon Prologue: From the Beginning Part 7 by ChaoticLord44
The Abyssal Travel - Chapter 1 : Past Tale - L.1 by Kellso-Dimension
Crossover Art
Yu-Gi-Oh IF: Inkopolis 2 by Pokemonfanzocker
Yu-Gi-Oh IF: Octoling Fusion, Lirina by Pokemonfanzocker
Yu-Gi-Oh IF: Inkling Fusion, Aiola by Pokemonfanzocker
RE-DRAW Splatfest Sanrio by Momo-Kuun
Journals 2
Crafts, Plush, Cosplay, Etc.
Nintendo Labo by CheerBearsFan
Inklings Meet Santa by CheerBearsFan
Magfest 2019 Witch doctor Spritzee and Pearl by Artistdx
Splatoon Amiibo by CheerBearsFan
Inkling Creator Images + Ingame References
Yu-Gi-Oh IF: Inkling Fusion, Perlmone by Pokemonfanzocker
3D Art
Bridgett tries her hand at dancing by Optimus97
3D Art 2
Relaxation in SFM by NintendoCraftStudios
OCs and Sonas 3
Kylaka the DragonSeaslug by LuckyLombaX
Fanfiction and Comics 2
Right Behind You - Splatoon 2 SHORT COMIC by AkeeTsubaki
Canon Characters 3
[AT] Casual Marina by dxcamatic
Inbox and Other
Yu-Gi-Oh IF: Inkling, Splatoon Waffenmannschaft 2 by Pokemonfanzocker


So there's a new inkling dress-up game that got popular pretty fast. Same rules apply for it as before: make sure you submit images made using that game (edited or not) to the "Inkling creator images + Ingame references" folder. And just in general, please make sure you're posting anything to the right folder, I've seen entire pages of OCs in the canon folder.

If you wanna know the rules about each folder, here they are in depth:…

Question: Do you think we should have a Commissions folder to separate them from the rest of the journals?
More Journal Entries








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Have you all heard about Article 13?

If so, sign this petition and pass it around to everyone you know:…

Kirby-Dash Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
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I do not know were I can put my "YCH" commissions, but I added in "inbox" folder ;///;
Kirby-Dash Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2019  Student Digital Artist
That's a good place for now, and you just gave me another reason to make a commissions folder! I will make it later and put everything I find that fits there and make a journal to announce it.
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I see♡ , hahah that is ok , thank you so much! 
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Hey, I'd just like to ask if I am supposed to add specific art pieces to specific folders? 

Here is the picture in question: Inkling
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Yes, read the rules in the front page to know more about them. This drawing in particular goes in Canon Characters.
TheMightyShockwave Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok, thanks.
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Anyone wanna share Splatoon 2 friend codes? I'm tired of matchmaking being awful...
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Sorry if I spam this with questions too often, but where should I put pictures with both canon and fan characters?
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