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Group Info

A Splatoon RELated fan-group.
This group is accepting of ALL forms of artistic expression so long as it falls under the "Splatoon" tagline.

We do not discriminate between content-matter or the skill-level of the artist involved.
All art is accepted as long as it is Splatoon Related and is acceptable by DeviantART's site regulations.
If you are unfamiliar with the site regulations, Please review them before attempting to submit to this group.

[About the group:]
This group is a joint-venture between DeviantART users; "Fracta. T" and "Galena Larkin" (See Administrator listing).

The aim of the group is to provide archiving and exposure to ALL artists within the "Splatoon" Fandom regardless of their skill level, the content of their images or the medium(s) used.
It is to be managed in a professional and unbiased manner, Respectful of both the Artist's freedom of expression and DeviantART's End-User/Content policies.

[Group Regulations (Overview):]
•ALL forms of art are accepted as long as it is Splatoon related in nature.
This INCLUDES art which may be considered disturbing or that which is R-18 (NSFW) by nature.

•Users of the group are obligated to submit content which is ACCEPTABLE by DeviantART's Content Policies.

•Users are obligated to submit content to the proper Gallery folders and only submit content that is related to the franchise "Splatoon".
This Includes images which pertain to in-game characters such as "The Squid-Sisters", shopkeepers, NPCs (Such as the Octarians, Lower Octarians and 'Octolings' alike) and so-on.
Crossovers ARE accepted as-long as they involve characters relating to the "Splatoon" franchise.

•If you have inquiry or otherwise have an issue with the group, Take it up with the Group Administrators- Do not handle the situation immaturely.

•If content is considered unacceptable by the regulations of this group, It can be removed at the discretion of a Group Administrator without notice.

•If a user is violating group policies or is deemed to be unacceptable to the group THEY may be removed from the group at the discretion of a Group Administrator without notice.

• Group regulations may be subject to change without notice.

[Folder Overview:]

As the name implies, Submit only what you believe is your best.

This folder is for art depicting the NPC characters; The Octarians.
This includes characters from the Octo-Valley levels of the game such as; Octolings, Octotroopers, Octobombers, Octosnipers, Octopods and other machines, DJ Octavio etc.

Salmonids (Added as of 2018):
This folder is for art depicting the "Salmonid" NPC characters.
EX: Cohock, Chum, Flyfish, etc.
(This also includes Salmonid machines and their operators such as the Steel Eeel, Scrappers, etc.)

This includes images of the playable characters ("Inklings").

Squid Sisters:
As the name implies, This folder is for images depicting the Squid-Sisters.

Other Characters:
This is for creatures other than those which are described above.

Multiple Species:
This is for images which cannot be properly categorized in the above folders.

Text Content:
This folder is for Journals or other text-based submissions such as fan-fiction.

SFM/ GMod:
Regardless of the above categories, All images produced using the Steam Applications "Source Filmmaker" (SFM) or "Gary's Mod" (Gmod/ gMod) go HERE.
Images that are produced by a different means than these programs (Such as images using home-made models/posed in different programs) are exempt from the need to be allocated to this folder.

If you are unsure of where to submit your images, Submit here and it will eventually be categorized by a Group Administrator. (Please do not abuse this folder).

Regardless of the above categories, All images which are deemed R-18 (NSFW) by nature must be submitted HERE.

This folder works on the same principle as the "R-18" folder but it is allocated for images depicting scenarios which may be considered disturbing by nature such as images depicting extreme violence, gore or which may otherwise be considered grotesque.

Administrator Content:
This folder is for the Group Administrators to submit their content without polluting the End-User folders.
This folder is exempt from the classifications of those above it.

Any Questions? Please contact the Group Administrators.
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Feb 26, 2017


123 Members
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Text Content.
SFM Gmod.
Little Bit Fidgety (Splatoon GMOD) by MasterPerryMartin
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Mature Content

Princess for a Day Bondage Art Pack by Raver1357

Mature Content

markers are nice (blood warning)   by Fleewaysonic46
Administrator Content.

Mature Content

Self-Destructive. by Fracta-T







Just an announcement to let you all know that I've added a separate folder for Salmonid, so feel free to send us your salmon OCs! We look forward to seeing them. "Salmonlings" (humanoid Salmonid) are also welcome. But please keep in mind the following...

:bulletred: If your picture shows Salmonid and Inklings (or any other race) together, please submit it to the Multiple Species folder.

:bulletred: If your picture contains sexual themes and is marked mature, please submit it to the R-18 folder. Images with excessive gore go in the R-18G folder.

:bulletred: If you used SFM or Gmod to create your image, please submit it to that folder.

Please make sure that you are marking your images mature if they contain mature content. This goes for any art that you submit. Some users don't wish to see mature content, and marking it as such will help them filter it out. If you have any other questions, leave a comment.

Thanks for your attention,
~Miss G
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MaryUs3908 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2019  Student General Artist
can I post a comm here .3.? at least in the journal?
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Professional Writer
What now? I don't understand.
MaryUs3908 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Student General Artist
Oh I posted my comm journal on text ^^ is if someone is interested, I added inklings and octolings to the comms a few days ago.
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2019  Professional Writer
Oh I see. Well we don't really accept journals, but if you wanted to submit one of your drawings and mention commissions in the description, that's fine. Or if you wanted to upload a Splatoon-related template, sample, or pricing page for your commissions.
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Fracta-T Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
If you are referring to drawn content, The commission can be posted in whatever directory is most appropriate. 

If you are referring to a journal entry explaining commission information or if the commission in question is text itself, The directory "Text Content" would be the most appropriate. 
MaryUs3908 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2019  Student General Artist
thank you very much ^^
reltyxart Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy I can't wait to post some 'good stuff' somewhere other than tumblr. Also I'm member 69 ',:)
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Professional Writer
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Splatoon 2: Marina and Pearl by KekunFrog  
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Thanks for sharing! It might be better to post it in the actual gallery, though. Feel free to join if you haven't already.
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