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An Act of Circumstance III 087

By splashtomato
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Aww, its his way of saying "I really, REALLY care about you!" I hope that when I get a boyfriend, he'll be a little similar... seeing as I really, REALLY like food... A LOT! XD
splashtomato's avatar
XD~~~~~ total agreement, hahaha. food is love~~~~~
thunder-dragon's avatar
lol Someone actually gets it! Thank you!!!
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there's a quote that a key to a man's heart is his stomach but it can work work on women too ne~ XDDDDDDDD;

The Japanese version is hana yori dango (food before flowers), same concept XD~
thunder-dragon's avatar
I like that! Hana Yori Dango! Hehehe And it is true, flowers are nice but the meal in a date is what counts, I mean seriously after the flowers comes the question "So... Where are you taking me?" If its straight to dinner its, "How good is the food there?" Cause no one wants to eat fast food on a date right? XP
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.....i like quice....
thank you so much i love it <3
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Equilibrated quality meal is healthy, Masaru 8D.
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^^ cute! Touma really cares for Masaru.
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