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An Act of Circumstance III 074

By splashtomato
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AWWWW, I feel bad for Tohma... he puts up a wall, but all he wants is some love... from Masaru!!! ^_^
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In the last panel, Tohma looks really, really hurt. Oh, and I think I should've used this song
[link]=DvWKAfruwN4 for the video I did "Digimon-Tohma's Theme" I think it's better. I heard this a long time ago and forgot about it till it was on K-FOG yesterday

BTW, I finally just got that now Franz is siding WITH them, that's so cool, it's why it's manga...

but it's really cool manga

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hahaha now thats ironic
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Masaru looks like a springroll xD.
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rofl xDDD
Just eat him up~~~