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An Act of Circumstance III 073

Page 73

reference to the first Act if you can remember.. XD
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love his face there XD
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That's so funny!! XD When I get money, I'm so buying this!!
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I hope you can <3 ~~~~ Thank you!
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Me too! Maybe after Christmas, who knows. :hug: You're awesome.
Noodle wrap around fork technique is priceless. The reason because it's so darn awesome. Though, it is best for Touma to take advantage of Masaru seeing as how he has wrapped himself up.
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I think I just passed out laughing... XD
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AHH HAHAHA! he completely cocooned himself, lol

he's a can't see him...NOT!
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"It was getting chilly without you" -> I don't know why, but I love this sentence xD.
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I can't remember, but its still very cute... in a cuddly way! :clap: :giggle:
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ohhhh! He was wrapped up. xD
How cute. <3
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Top 2 panels, Tohma looks like an Animaniac
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An immobilized person is the best person to take advantage of! :heart:

Loving it.
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