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An Act of Circumstance III 071

By splashtomato
Page 71

sore ga kotae da... ka?
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OMG I've just read all three stories/doijinshi/manga?
you are the greatest you must a huge fan. I must thank you because of you my love for Tohma x Masaru pairing is rekindled THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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ToMaTo is my love life~~~~ >w< ;;; hahaha.
Glad you're enjoying! Rekindle that goodness!!! Have you been reading the other stuff at digi_tomato too? :o
I have after reading your doujinshi I went straight on it.
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awesomesticks~~~ Lots of good stuff on there. There are some things that are members only so be sure to join too XD;
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bunny slippers.....all that was missing was bunny slippers!!
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Because thanks to Masaru, he's starting to truly care for him like a father, though he doesn't know how, children can still pick up on things... its natural instinct!!! ^_^
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The difference = He got Masaru in his bed, mwahaha. *goes away*
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Tohma-kun kawaisou ya naa

...I'm still lost...I'll just keep tuned...
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